Plastech Expo 2023 – Exhibition Booth construction Plastech Expo Vietnam

Plastech Expo exhibition

Plastech Expo is an excellent platform for plastic manufacturing and processing enterprises to market their products, build brand images and build business cooperation relationships at home and abroad. Therefore, the Plastech Expo making an impression is an extremely important preparation step for businesses when participating in the exhibition Plastech Expo.

Things you need to know about Plastech Expo

Plastech Expo also known as the International Conference Exhibition on Machines, Equipment, Technology and Materials for Plastic Industry. This is considered an effective trade bridge for Vietnamese and international businesses to have the opportunity to cooperate and build long-term partnerships. Besides, the Plastech Expo is also a place to display and introduce many of the most modern technologies and machines of the plastic industry today.

Plastech Expo exhibition is the ideal platform for Vietnamese and international plastic manufacturers and processors to find more trading opportunities, update market information and learn about the latest technologies. With the criterion “Level up your business through the best gateway to the industrial sector in Vietnam”, many practical programs take place throughout the three days such as B2B Trade Connection, Symposium, Exhibition area for Plastic equipment & machinery, etc.

Exhibition of the International Conference on Machines, Equipment, Technology and Materials for Plastic Industry will bring great experience and many attractive business opportunities for customers.

Place of Plastech Expo 2023

Happening from: DayJune 14, 2023 – June 16, 2023 (9am – 5pm)

Location: Hall A, Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) – No. 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC.

With the participation of countries around the world, Plastech Expo expands opportunities to attract investment from developed countries into the Vietnamese market. Since then, bringing many effective technology solutions to the country through the exhibition.

Exhibition industry

– Additives, accessories, auxiliaries, adhesives & glues

– Equipment accessories, injection & blow molding machinery, injection molding, formulation materials

– Compounding, measuring, controlling and testing equipment, molds & dies

– Components, packaging and supply equipment

– Paint & plastic

– Used processing machines

– Raw materials, catalysts, semi-finished products

– Fibers and reinforcement materials, neoprene, synthetic fibers

– Pre-processing and recycling

– Consulting R&D,..

Plastic industry exhibition booth designed by Gia Long
Plastic industry exhibition booth designed by Gia Long

Objects to visit Plastech Expo

– Manufacturers, processors and users of plastic and rubber products

– Material processor

– Trade associations/service organizations

– Management, engineering, production, sales, marketing and purchasing

– Personnel from industries such as: Automotive, telecommunications, electrical & mechanical, furniture, household, medical, packaging,…

Vietnam – The potential market of the plastic industry

Growing domestic plastic industry

Vietnam is considered one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Besides, the local plastic industry is also growing rapidly with more than 2,000 enterprises, of which Ho Chi Minh City accounts for 83%. Vietnam’s plastic products have a huge competitive advantage for packaging, household products and construction and engineering plastic products.

Launched many modern plastic production machines

The appearance of a variety of products has spawned many modern production machines, serving the needs of the plastic industry. Brand new improved sprayers, blown mills & extruders. Many large machines, blow molding machines, film blowing machines, recycling machines, inflation machines, etc. will be launched at the exhibition.Plastech Expo with the participation of famous international exhibitors.

Recycled plastic brings huge business potential to Vietnam

The trend of protecting mother nature and preserving the green environment is not only positively received but also gradually changing consumers’ habits through recycled plastic products. As a result, recycled plastic products are increasingly popular in the market. Not only bringing benefits to society, recycling plastic products also brings great business benefits when the production cost is reduced by more than 15% compared to ordinary plastic.

Reasons why businesses should participate in Plastech Expo

– Establish new business opportunities

– Affirm the company’s brand in the market

– Search and access the latest products and technologies

– Meet and discuss with experts and senior managers of the big men in the industry

– Attend the Professional Seminar program, focusing on trends and oriented developments in the world.

Plastic industry exhibition booth constructed by Gia Long
Plastic industry exhibition booth constructed by Gia Long

Professional and impressive Plastech Expo booth design and construction

To participate in the Plastech Expo to achieve high efficiency, businesses need to prepare a unit for themselves Plastech Expo booth design professional and contractor Plastech Expo booth construction experience. Because, the first impression in the eyes of visitors and partners is extremely important. Therefore, the meticulousness in every detail of booth construction will give viewers a sympathetic look at your brand and business.

Gia Long is proud to be a prestigious construction contractor and exhibition booth design Plastech Expo. With more than 20 years of experience as a booth contractor Vietnam working with domestic and foreign corporations and businesses. Gia Long’s products and services have received the trust and satisfaction of customers.

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