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Vietbaby Fair exhibition

Vietbaby Exhibition 2024 is a premier exhibition event dedicated to expectant mothers, mothers, and children in Vietnam. With its large scale and top-notch reputation, the event attracts hundreds of domestic and international brands. At Vietbaby 2024, visitors can explore the latest products, from maternity essentials to clothing and toys for children, along with educational programs and health care advice from leading experts.

About Vietbaby exhibition event

About Vietbaby exhibition

Building on the success of its previous 10 editions, Vietbaby 2024 promises to deliver an even more fantastic experience for parents and those interested in the maternal and child industry. With the mission to continue connecting businesses, partners, and consumers, the event is not only a showcase for brands to demonstrate their strength but also an opportunity for sharing, learning, and connecting within the passionate community of childcare and parenting.

Following the success of previous events, Vietbaby in 2024 is expected to build a more ideal exhibition space, along with many great incentives from domestic and foreign brands. Promising to bring many special activities and a series of in-depth seminars on knowledge of care and nutrition for pregnant women before welcoming a new family member.

Vietbaby Exhibition is the convergence of all the most advanced product lines and services for mothers and babies. The 2024 exhibition is focused on the health of mothers and babies by the Organizing Committee, so this year Vietbaby will have a series of new technologies, functional foods to improve nutrition and resistance to health. of mother and baby.

General information about Vietbaby fair

In Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Event Dates: May 30th – June 2nd, 2024
  • Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)
  • Exhibition Scale: Expected to have over 300 exhibition booths at Vietbaby 2024, representing more than 150 businesses from both domestic and international origins. The presence of these businesses will bring a diverse range of products and services for expectant mothers, mothers, and children, ranging from familiar brands to emerging trends.

In Hanoi:

  • Event Dates: September 26th – September 28th, 2024
  • Venue: Hanoi International Exhibition Center (I.C.E)

Highlights of Vietbaby 2024 Exhibition

The highlights of Vietbaby 2024 go beyond showcasing new products and services. They also include various supporting activities and programs, creating a multidimensional and engaging experience for attendees.

Professional Counseling and Guidance: Vietbaby 2024 will organize counseling sessions and guidance from top experts in the fields of prenatal care, postnatal care, nutrition for children, and related parenting issues.

Educational Programs: Seminars, workshops, and discussions will help parents stay updated on the latest child development trends, parenting skills, and family health issues.

Creative Exhibition Booths: Exhibition booths at Vietbaby 2024 are not just spaces to introduce products; they are creatively designed to attract attention, providing a unique and interesting shopping experience.

Business Opportunities and Collaboration: The event serves as a platform for businesses in the maternal and child industry to meet, connect, and explore collaboration opportunities, from finding manufacturing partners to expanding consumer markets.

Family Entertainment Activities: Vietbaby 2024 also includes entertaining family activities, from children’s games to entertainment suitable for the whole family.

Vietbaby 2024 is not just a product exhibition but a comprehensive experience for parents and those interested in the care and development of children.

Exhibition Categories at Vietbaby 2024

Products for Expectant Mothers:

  • Skin care, nutrition, and health products for expectant mothers.
  • Comfortable sleepwear and motherhood guidebooks.

Prenatal Products:

  • Safe cribs and skincare products for newborns.
  • Useful household items and functional food products.

Child Safety Products:

  • Convenient strollers and child-friendly seats.
  • Protective barriers to ensure baby safety.

External Services:

  • Professional postnatal services and family photo studio services.
  • Reliable childcare services and conveniences.

Products and Services for Infants:

  • Packaged food and nutritious snacks.
  • Baby room decoration and adorable furniture.
  • Fun toys and technology products suitable for young children.

Educational Products:

  • Diverse learning programs from languages to arts and music.
  • Educational books and intelligent childcare items.
  • Skill classes and educational facilities for preschoolers.

With the diversity and quality of products and services, Vietbaby 2024 is an ideal destination for parents and those interested in the care and development of children.

A series of attractive activities at Vietbaby

  • Many consulting programs expand the domestic market.
  • Participate in live discussions with Vietnamese experts.
  • Program of the 1:1 trade connection seminar.
  • A series of sweepstakes activities.
  • Symposium dedicated to mothers and babies.
  • Exciting events will be held.

Especially when businesses register to exhibit products and services at Vietbaby trade fairs, they will receive support from the Organizing Committee in promoting their services and products on posts. on Google and on Facebook.

Vietbaby exhibition booth designers contractors

Vietbaby 2023 Event:

  • The H&S booth was designed and fully constructed by Gia Long.
  • The Tran Gia booth was designed and fully constructed by Gia Long.

Joining Vietbaby, businesses that want to make a difference, create a highlight to attract attendees, need to have the most unique exhibition booth construction to attract the attention of attendees with the exhibition booth. The exhibition booth is the face of the business, so it is necessary to consider and invest in a neat, impressive and characteristic booth of the business.

Exhibition booth designers contractors is an area that we have done for more than 20 years, experienced thousands of projects, and experience has given businesses many ways to choose the most optimal booth, both cost-effective and affordable. ensure that the booth will attract a large number of visitors to visit.

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