Contech Vietnam 2024 – Contech Vietnam Exhibition Stand Design

Contech Vietnam exhibition

Contech Vietnam 2024 is a leading international exhibition focused on critical areas of the Construction, Mining, and Transportation industries in Vietnam. With the participation of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from around the world, this exhibition provides a valuable platform for information exchange, product introduction, and industry collaboration.

Contech Vietnam – Propel for Top Brands

Overview of Contech Vietnam

In 2024, Contech Vietnam 2024 continues to shine as a hub for innovation and development in the construction technology field. The exhibition serves as a crucial platform for knowledge sharing, experience exchange, and building partnerships within the industry.

At Contech Vietnam 2024, it brings together advanced solutions, new technological products, and innovative trends in the construction industry, promising limitless opportunities for collaboration and development. With the participation of hundreds of businesses, experts, and managers from around the world, this exhibition opens up a space for discussion, connection, and exploration of new potentials in the industry.

Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm - Exhibition booth design
Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

Under the professional organization by the organizing committee and with strong support from relevant departments, partner organizations, and professional associations within and outside the country, Contech Vietnam 2024 affirms its current position as one of the largest and leading trade events in the Construction, Mining Industry, and Transportation Infrastructure in Vietnam.

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Exhibition Information

Date: April 17, 2024, to April 20, 2024

Venue: National Exhibition Construction Center (NECC) – Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Organizational Scale: With an expected attendance of over 5,000 visitors and nearly 150 booths, Contech Vietnam 2024 will be a large-scale event in the construction industry. The significant number of participants and diverse exhibition booths promise to create a rich and multidimensional environment, providing businesses and industry experts with unlimited opportunities for networking, learning, and interaction.

Exhibition display sectors: Machinery and equipment, Construction and building materials, Technology and transportation infrastructure, Mining industry, etc., are the focus sectors at Contech Vietnam this year.

Side Activities of Contech Vietnam Exhibition

Specialized Workshop Program: Here, attending businesses and participants have the opportunity to learn, exchange, and get closer to new information, as well as interact and gain experience from leading experts.

Technical Presentation Session: This is an opportunity provided by the organizing committee for businesses to introduce new products, new technologies, and promote them through various media channels, thus becoming a launching pad for new products and services in the consumer market.

Outstanding Business Voting Event in the Construction Industry: As Contech Vietnam exhibition brings together potential and innovative businesses, this event aims to select the most influential brands, products, and services through open and direct voting by consumers.

Choice of Exhibition Stands at the Exhibition

Standard Exhibition Stands:

These stands are simple, consisting of booth partitions, electrical lighting systems, one 13A socket, a table with three chairs, a waste basket, and a lockable cabinet. Additionally, each standard booth will be accompanied by a banner displaying the company name.

Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm - Exhibition booth design
Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

Registration for Indoor and Outdoor Empty Spaces:

In addition to registering for pre-installed standard booths, businesses can choose to register for empty spaces inside or outside the exhibition area, which are pre-divided for self-designing and setting up special booths according to their preferences.

For construction work, businesses can choose to design and construct booths themselves or select Gia Long as the unit responsible for booth design and construction. All special exhibition booths completed by Gia Long will be approved by the organizing committee.

Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm - Exhibition booth design
Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

Reasons to Exhibit at Contech Vietnam 2024

  • Explore Advanced Technologies: Contech Vietnam 2024 will showcase the latest technologies in construction, from machinery and equipment to software and digital solutions. This is an opportunity for businesses and experts to learn and apply these technologies to optimize performance and enhance competitiveness.
  • Discussion Forum and Idea Exchange: Contech Vietnam 2024 provides a platform for discussions and idea exchanges, where experts can share their knowledge and experience regarding trends and challenges in the construction industry.
  • Expand Business Networks: This event is also an excellent opportunity to expand business networks, meet and connect with potential partners from around the world. Building relationships within the industry can lead to numerous collaboration and business development opportunities.
  • In the technical presentation segment, exhibitors have the chance to introduce their new products and technologies, promoting them through various media channels. This helps them become market highlights warmly welcomed by the industry.

Additionally, Contech Vietnam 2024 provides favorable conditions for exhibitors and visitors to connect with leading businesses in the industry, seeking potential customers before, during, and after the event. This promotes business connections and creates new opportunities for development and collaboration in the construction and technology industry.

Booth Design and Construction Company for Contech Vietnam Exhibition

This is a necessary choice when businesses register for an empty land area to exhibition booth design. Design and construction services are provided by Gia Long to businesses participating in exhibitions. When choosing Gia Long – exhibition booth designers contractors, customers do not have to bear any costs for booth design, as we will design and modify it completely free of charge for the business.

With years of experience in Contech Vietnam exhibition stand design, along with a team of skilled workers, Gia Long believes to provide customers with the most satisfactory and impressive exhibition booths at Contech Vietnam 2024.

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