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Propack Vietnam exhibition

Propak Vietnam – one of the major exhibitions in 2024 for Food Processing and Packaging Technology, will return on April 3rd. The event promises to bring advanced technologies and prominent products in the industry to visitors, fostering closer cooperation and exchange between businesses.

Overview of Propak Vietnam

Propak Vietnam is an exhibition in the field of Food Processing and Packaging Technology serving the Food & Beverage, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries of Vietnam.

The program is supported by reputable associations such as the Vietnam Urban and Industrial Zone Association, the Australian Water Association, and the Southeast Asian Scientists and Technologists Association. Over the years, the exhibition has brought opportunities for cooperation and strong development for various businesses.

Tổng quan về Propak Việt Nam – Overview of Propak Vietnam

The Propak exhibition aims to facilitate negotiations and provide useful knowledge through specialized workshops. Besides fostering business collaborations, Propak Vietnam also hosts a series of engaging seminars on smart packaging trends and the application of advanced techniques and technologies in the food industry.

Participating in Propak Vietnam is highly beneficial for expanding a company’s business network. It facilitates easy access to B2B customers and partners, effectively introducing and promoting their products.

An Overview of Propak Vietnam 2024

Where is Propak 2024 held?

Propak Vietnam 2024 officially takes place from April 3rd to April 5th, 2024, at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), organized by Informa Markets. With the successes from previous exhibitions, this year’s event will undoubtedly provide food industry businesses with exciting experiences and opportunities they shouldn’t miss.

Hoạt động tại Propack Việt Nam 2023
Hoạt động tại Propak Việt Nam 2024 – Some highlighted activities

Displayed Product Categories

Propak Vietnam will showcase impressive exhibits, including processing technologies, packaging technologies, raw materials, pharmaceutical technologies, beverage coding technologies, logistics, printing technologies, testing and analysis, and more. With this diversity, businesses can explore potential products and create tight-knit business partnerships.

Some highlighted activities

Apart from directly admiring products from the booths, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in workshops where experts and leading engineers in the industry share practical knowledge and insights on trends in using advanced equipment and technologies serving the beverage sector, data analysis, and more.

Real-life sharing session: Lessons related to Smart Packaging, Digitization and Data Analysis, trends in using equipment in the beverage industry, …

Một số hoạt động tại Propack Việt Nam 2023
Một số hoạt động tại Propak Việt Nam 2024 – Some highlighted activities

Product promotion activities: The exhibition will arrange dedicated spaces for booths to introduce and promote their products to visitors.

Packaging Technology Forum: Including discussions and presentations on packaging technology, quality, and food safety.

Experience training sessions: Propak Vietnam also organizes negotiation sessions, providing participating units with opportunities to discuss and address queries, difficulties, and issues related to food processing.

Menu Exhibition: Businesses in the industry will present detailed processes, from selecting raw materials to creating finished products.

Award program: Recognizing outstanding businesses and presenting impressive products to participants.

With its grand organization and significant activities, Propak Vietnam will undoubtedly be an attractive destination that visitors should not miss.

Professional and Reliable Propak Vietnam Booth Construction Company

Propak Vietnam offers valuable knowledge and experiences in the food industry for businesses. Moreover, participating in the exhibition provides an opportunity to connect and seek potential partners within and outside the region. Therefore, exhibition booth construction will help businesses leave a lasting impression while introducing their products to customers.

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