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VPSE exhibition

The VPSE Exhibition Hanoi 2023 is an event in the printing and packaging industry in Vietnam. This event brings together domestic and international enterprises in the fields of printing and packaging. Therefore, businesses that want to attract strong attention need a high-quality VPSE booth construction service.

What you need to know about the VPSE Exhibition Hanoi

The VPSE Exhibition Hanoi 2023 is the International Exhibition of Printing and Packaging in Vietnam. The VPSE Exhibition is held annually in Hanoi to meet the information and product needs of printing and packaging machinery, equipment, technology, and materials.

It takes place on the same day as the VietAd Exhibition in Hanoi. The VPSE Exhibition attracts twice the attention of visitors in both printing and packaging and advertising sectors. The combination of these two exhibitions on the same day has created a massive event at ICE Hanoi.

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Venue of the VPSE Exhibition Hanoi

Date: From April 20, 2023, to April 22, 2023

Venue: International Convention and Exhibition Center (ICE) – 91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

Estimated scale of the exhibition: With 500 booths and 10,000 specialized visitors, the VPSE Exhibition Hanoi brings together various businesses, including manufacturers, traders, import-export companies, service providers, agents and distributors, investors, engineers, researchers, associations, and organizations from both domestic and international markets.

Field of Exhibition

  • Machinery and packaging materials: product packaging machines for beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals; plastic packaging processing machines; packaging printing equipment, materials, accessories, etc.
  • Packaging equipment and products.
  • Machinery and packaging products: paper conversion equipment; plastic packaging products; plastic film packaging: BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, stretch film, shopping bags, functional synthetic films, functional stretch packaging films, etc.
  • Labels and labeling systems: RFID, printers, inkjet printing, laser technology, barcode encoding devices, offset printing; adhesive technology and thermal dissolving systems; measuring and control testing equipment; labels, smart labels; anti-counterfeiting technology, security label solutions and applications, etc.
Klarwind booth was constructed by Gia Long at HVACR VIETNAM exhibition.
Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm – exhibition booth design

The Benefits that VPSE Brings to Businesses

The VPSE Exhibition has long been recognized as a reputable event where businesses can showcase and demonstrate various advanced machinery, equipment, and technologies in the printing and packaging industry, including packaging printing, labeling, and heat transfer printing. By participating in the VPSE Exhibition Hanoi 2023, businesses have the opportunity to:

  • Gather information and analyze the printing and packaging market in Vietnam.
  • Showcase and introduce their products to potential partners and customers.
  • Facilitate supply-demand connections and promote trade cooperation.
  • Support brand building and development.
  • Save costs on commercial promotion.

In addition, the International Exhibition of Printing and Packaging in Vietnam is also a media partner for exhibitions in the same industry and specialized magazines such as Thailand & ASEAN Printing & Packaging Expo (Thailand), Print Pack India (India), All Print (Indonesia), Lable India Magazine (India), etc. With the participation of invited guests and industry-leading speakers, the exhibition promises to provide valuable and practical information, contributing to the direction of the development of the printing industry in Vietnam in the near future.

Prominent Businesses in the Printing and Packaging Industry Participating in the VPSE Exhibition Hanoi

At every exhibition event, there are always standout businesses in that specific industry or sector. The presence of these large enterprises reflects to some extent the credibility and effectiveness that the exhibition brings to their brands. Some prominent businesses in the printing and packaging industry participating in the VPSE Exhibition Hanoi include: Phu Loc Truong Import Export Trading Company Limited, Viet Rubber Company Limited, Ace Machinery Vina Company Limited, Thuan Quan Aluminum Tube Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited, Enomi Trading Service Import Export Company Limited, Vu Gia Import Export and Investment Company Limited, etc.

The printing and packaging market in Vietnam is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. The emergence of the VPSE Exhibition further solidifies Vietnam’s position in the global race. Undoubtedly, the printing and packaging market in Vietnam will continue to develop even more strongly in the future.

Visitors' experience at VPSE Hanoi exhibition
Visitors’ experience at VPSE Hanoi exhibition

Design and Construction of VPSE Exhibition Booths in Hanoi

Since it is an exhibition for packaging and printing, it is crucial to focus on designing VPSE exhibition booths to attract the attention of visitors. So how can one have an attractive and standout VPSE booth design compared to competing counterparts? This is a concern for many businesses participating in the VPSE Exhibition.

Understanding this concern, Gia Long is confident to be a professional VPSE booth construction company, with 20 years of experience in the field of exhibition booth design. When customers choose Gia Long as the exhibition booth contractor VPSE , they will be 100% free to design their own VPSE booths for businesses. The design will be discussed and finalized until both parties are satisfied.

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