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Telefilm exhibition

Telefilm 2023 is a place for businesses operating in the field of broadcasting and television in Vietnam to have the opportunity to exchange, learn, and seek business opportunities with partners from countries with the radio industry. television development. Therefore, when participating in the exhibition, enterprises must choose their own unitsTelefilm booth construction Professional to make a good impression in the eyes of customers.

Telefilm Exhibition 2023 – The Future of Television on the Internet

Overview of the exhibition Telefilm 2023

TV movie 2023 International Exhibition of Film and Television Technology is held annually. Here, gather many leading companies, manufacturers and suppliers in the field of film and television technology in Vietnam as well as in the world.Telefilm exhibition is a place to trade, buy and sell content and technology in the field of film and television technology. At the same time, innovative products, application devices and related services at Telefilm 2023 It is also highly appreciated by domestic and international experts.

Telefilm exhibition showed its prestige and professionalism when it was born under the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Science and Technology, ADPEX Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Internet Association, Informatics Association Vietnam, Science and Technology Enterprise & Market Development Department.

In addition, the increasing trend of Internet use has affected the television industry.The method of watching television on traditional TV is being gradually replaced by the method of watching television on the Internet. Therefore, the Telefilm exhibition is not only a destination for businesses and film industry experts, but also a place to update the best trends, services and solutions for the future of the television industry on the internet.

Main information of the exhibition Telefilm 2023

Happening from: June 8, 2023 – June 10, 2023

Location: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) – No. 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC.

Exhibition scale: Visitors and businesses will experience the innovative application systems of television on the Internet of more than 350 businesses from 25 countries and territories around the world. Besides,Telefilm exhibitions also introduce and display products from more than 20 fields in the film industry.

Telefilm exhibition
Thiết kế và thi công gian hàng triển lãm – Design & Construction booth

The main areas of the exhibition Telefilm 2023

Content, script

  • TV series
  • Drama series
  • Movies on online TV and phones (Mobisode/ Webisode) 
  • Serial / Short Film
  • Phim Telenovelas, Soap, Sitcom
  • Film

Content for children, children

  • Cartoon
  • TV series for children
  • Children’s interactive TV
  • Live, Action

Program without content, script

  • Reality show
  • Reality TV game

Life program, reality

  • Storage
  • Art, Music and Culture
  • News
  • Education
  • Ethnicity, society
  • History
  • Life
  • Nature & Wildlife
  • Reality
  • Science

Assistive technology programs

  • 3D . Program
  • 4K Ultra HD Technology
  • Virtual reality


  • Handheld gaming device
  • sport
  • Online/mobile game publishing
  • Book
  • Magazine

Post-production service

  • Recording, dubbing, narrating TV series, movies, animation, reality TV.
  • Radio and television commercials
  • Translate & edit movies in many languages
  • Post-production techniques: mix movies, subtitles
  • TV Program Production, TVC, Viral Film, Youtube Video Contents

Equipment & Technology

  • Television equipment: Specialized camcorders and accessories, camcorder lenses, dedicated audio, digital receivers, etc.
  • System: Studio system, storage, security monitoring,…
Triển lãm Telefilm  thu hút đông đảo khách tham quan - Telefilm exhibition attracts a large number of visitors
Triển lãm Telefilm thu hút đông đảo khách tham quan – Telefilm exhibition attracts a large number of visitors

The 11th Vietnam International Film and Television Technology Exhibition – Telefilm 2023

  • Telefilm Exhibition is the most prestigious and professional international event in the field of Film and Television Technology.

  • A gathering place for domestic and international radio and television stations; Organizations and companies operating in the field of content, technology equipment and communication.
  • Useful opportunities for units to exchange and learn from experience in developing unique and diverse channels, exchange scripts, broadcasting content, production organization, television copyright with partners. international channels and movie import and export as well as opportunities to promote products of world famous equipment manufacturers, creating favorable conditions for radio and television stations in Vietnam to access radio and television technology. modern world.
  • Prestigious equipment technology exchange business opportunity to connect, trade, transfer technology fastest and most effectively in the country and the region.
  • Approach and meet directly with thousands of buyers from domestic and international businesses, radio and television stations.

Besides,TV movie 2023 There are also outstanding activities taking place during the exhibition period“Program on Trade Connection between Vietnamese & Foreign Enterprises”. Promises to bring unexpected benefits to participating businesses.

Chương trình - Hội thảo tại triển lãm Program - Workshop at the exhibition
Chương trình – Hội thảo tại triển lãm – Program – Workshop at the exhibition

Regulations for visiting the Telefilm Exhibition

  • Sign up for the free entrance with invitations and business cards.
  • Children under 16 years old will not be allowed into the exhibition area.
  • All visitors must dress appropriately, individuals wearing shorts and slippers will not be allowed into the exhibition.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to refuse any individual if found unsuitable.

Telefilm booth design and construction unit

When joiningTelefilm exhibition, businesses may meet many international partners and investors. Therefore, for successful participation in Telefilm 2023, businesses should choose for themselves a professional exhibition booth construction contractor to attract customers.

The exhibition booth is not only to display products but also to be the identity of the business brand. Therefore, the design preparation stage of Telefilm is very important for businesses when participating in exhibitions.

Gia Long is a booth contractor Vietnam specializing in construction exhibition booth Telefilm on the market. With 20 years of experience in the field exhibition booth designing, Gia Long owns excellent staff, ensuring to bring customers satisfaction and the best quality products at Telefilm exhibition 2023.

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