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VINAMAC EXPOThe 2024 international exhibition in the field of machinery, equipment, and industrial products is highly anticipated today. The event brings many opportunities for businesses to exchange, learn, and promote products. Besides, the application of advanced methods and technology promotes the strong development of the country’s machinery and equipment industry.

VINAMAC EXPO – Exhibition of leading technology machinery and equipment

VINAMAC EXPO – International Exhibition on Machinery, Technology, Equipment, and Industrial Products organized by the City Department of Industry and Trade in collaboration with Vietnam Exhibition and Advertising Joint Stock Company and Ho Chi Minh City Automation Association. This is an annual event, to help businesses and suppliers… have the opportunity to exchange, learn from experience, and promote their products to potential customers.

The machinery and equipment exhibition taking place is one of the programs that creates connections between businesses – businesses, businesses – buyers. Thereby, helping to strongly stimulate consumer demand.

VINAMAC EXPO 2024 creates connections between businesses - businesses, businesses - buyers
VINAMAC EXPO 2024 creates connections between businesses – businesses, businesses – buyers

To create conditions that bring maximum benefits to visitors, VINAMAC EXPO also organizes seminars, discussions, and business forums targeting attractive topics about essential business needs, new technologies, and trends that will be applied in the future. Contribute to solving difficulties and promoting the development of businesses in the machinery and equipment industry today.

Things you need to know about VINAMAC EXPO 20234

The location takes place VINAMAC EXPO 2024

VINAMAC EXPO 2024 is the 19th exhibition on machinery, equipment, and industrial products… that will officially take place on May 16 – May 18 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), in No. 799, Nguyen Van Linh Street, District 7, City. HCM. This year’s exhibition promises to be the convergence of many famous and prestigious units in the fields of Mechanical – Automation, Rubber – Plastic, and Food – Food Processing.

VINAMAC EXPO will be invested on a grand scale, with an area of ​​more than 18,000 square meters, including more than 1,000 booths of 850 domestic and international units from countries such as China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam…

Industries displaying dumbbells VINAMAC EXPO 2024

Mechanics, automation

Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design
Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

Machinery and equipment: construction machinery, warehouse transportation equipment, all kinds of air compressors, construction machines, pressure gauges, agricultural machines, refrigeration systems, packaging machines, transport vehicles, all kinds of motors, tools handheld, industrial rings…

Welding & metal processing technology: welding and cutting components, welding and cutting equipment, steel pipes, cast iron, heat-resistant materials, metal casting, abrasion-resistant materials, processing nuts, screws, rivets, screw molds, stainless cables…

Control, automation: Automation of human-machine interface, smart I/O, some systems of DCS, SCADA, CAD/CIM/CNC/CAM, PLC technology, PC/104, IPC…

Rubber _ plastic

Rubber industry equipment: rolling mill, pressing machine, extruder, sealing machine, rubber slitting machine.

Plastic industry equipment: Injection molding equipment, mold cleaning equipment, plastic cutting machine, plastic mixing machine, label peeling machine, plastic dryer, bottle shell…

Products belonging to the rubber and plastic industry.

Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design
Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

Food and food processing:

Machinery, raw materials, equipment, technology

Featured activities at VINAMAC EXPO 2024

In Vinamac Expo exhibition, this year is expected to bring many outstanding programs and activities for visitors. Businesses will be able to directly visit advanced technology products and equipment displayed by reputable units in the industry.

In addition to product introductions, there are trade activities and seminars with topics related to products of the Mechanical – Automation industry, Rubber and Plastic industry, or Food Processing industry. There is also a “Customer Appreciation” program meaning sharing customers’ difficulties while visiting the exhibition.

 Booth construction company VINAMAC EXPO 2024 is prestigious and quality

VINAMAC EXPO is an important event that brings useful knowledge and optimal solutions to serve the fields of machinery, equipment, and technology. At the same time, it is an opportunity for businesses to introduce and promote their products to customers. That is the reason why businesses need to find an exhibition booth construction company reputation in the market.

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