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ILDEX exhibition

ILDEX Vietnam is a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their new product lines as well as absorb new development trends in the industry in the future. Come join us to grow stronger in the future.

What is ILDEX Vietnam? Detailed information about the exhibition

What is ILDEX Vietnam?

ILDEX Vietnam is also known as the International Exhibition on Livestock, Veterinary Medicine, Dairy Industry, Meat Processing, and Aquaculture. Is the leading event on technology, system equipment in processing for the livestock industry, additive materials, farm equipment, meat processing, and packaging.

Held every two years, ILDEX Vietnam has succeeded in turning Vietnam into a market for professionals and businesses in the industry to develop their businesses prominently and quickly.

Information about the exhibition ILDEX Vietnam

Since this is an annual event held every 2 years, the 9th ILDEX Vietnam will be held in 2024. According to the information announced by the Organizing Committee, the 9th time will be organized by VNU Company. Exhibitions Asia Pacific organized.

After many times organizing, ILDEX Vietnam has officially become the leading trade fair in Asia, with a large number of visitors and abundant business cooperation opportunities. This is also an event that experts consider the leading development platform for the Vietnamese market.

Time: Taking place from May 29th to May 31st, 2024.

Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC).

The categories that will be displayed at the exhibition include:

  • Pig farming industry
  • Raising livestock and poultry
  • Aquaculture and seafood farming
  • Machines for milking system
  • And machinery and equipment used in processing, packaging and transportation.

Reasons why businesses should participate in ILDEX Vietnam 2024 

Why do we say that businesses in the industry should participate in this Livestock exhibition? Because this is a once-in-two-year opportunity, businesses can come into contact with larger, more successful businesses in the industry, and gain valuable professional knowledge and development trends. Future. From there, it promotes development in the fastest way.

Reasons why businesses should attend the ILDEX Vietnam exhibition:

  • Update new trends: ILDEX Vietnam 2024 will showcase the latest trends in the livestock, meat processing, dairy, and aquaculture sectors from leading manufacturers, suppliers, and experts.
  • International exhibitions: This is an international event, attracting the participation of thousands of experts, entrepreneurs, and consumers from around the world, creating an ideal environment to expand business networks and cooperation.
  • Seminars: ILDEX Vietnam 2024 is not only an exhibition but also a place for seminars, product demonstrations, and discussion forums, giving experts and businesses the opportunity to exchange ideas and find solutions for their needs. challenges in the industry.
  • Business connection: This is a great opportunity to find new partners, expand markets, and build partnerships with domestic and foreign businesses.
  • Discover new products and services: ILDEX Vietnam 2024 will showcase thousands of new products and services from leading suppliers, helping to update the latest technology and improve the productivity of your business.

ILDEX VIETNAM – Choosing a company for impressive booth design and construction

Coming to this Livestock and Aquaculture exhibition, the participating businesses are all business and production people in the industry. Therefore, when participating in the exhibition of products, businesses will have the opportunity to exchange, cooperate and share experiences, in addition, because of the same industry, it is inevitable that there will be the participation of competitors.

To create an advantage for your business, you need to create your own strengths right on the display stand. The booth displayed at the exhibition is the face of the whole company, the bigger and more famous the business, the more it has to focus on designing the most impressive exhibition booth, the most complete booth construction unit creates sympathy the first time when customers come to the booth.

A series of projects at the ILDEX Vietnam exhibition were implemented by Gia Long

Coming to Gia Long, customers will receive dedicated support. We will create a design for your booth and edit it until your business is satisfied. Because of its reputation and quality, trusted by partners and businesses, customers can easily find booths that Gia Long has set up at major exhibition events in Vietnam.

With many years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we will bring businesses impressive fair booth design. Let’s look back at the images we have taken at the ILDEX Vietnam exhibition over the years.

ILDEX Vietnam exhibition in 2018:

The Amlan pavilion belonging to England was completed by Gia Long.

Korea’s Korea Pavilion was designed and constructed by Gia Long.


Gia Long is a unit specializing in designing, and booth construction at ILDEX Vietnam, a prestigious quality in the market. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and a highly skilled construction team. Choosing us as your trusted exhibition booth contractor, clients will immediately own a booth with the most eye-catching, unique design, attracting the most visitors to your booth. Contact us now for consultation and support. 

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