The creative and impressive design of Analytica Vietnam exhibition booth

Analytica exhibition

Analytica is an annual event that takes place every 2 years in Vietnam, which is the most sought-after activity in the analytics industry in Vietnam. Therefore, businesses that want to attract strong attention need to equip the most impressive Analytica Vietnam exhibition booth design, a reputable and professional design and construction unit.

What is Analytica Vietnam? Information about Analytica Vietnam exhibition

What is Analytica Vietnam Exhibition?

Analytica Vietnam is the leading trade show event for the laboratory technology, analysis and biology industry in Vietnam. It is interesting and noticed by many specialized enterprises because this is an international-class playground built and developed to give exhibitors here many opportunities for development in the domestic market. school.

Detailed information about Analytica Vietnam exhibition

Time: from April 19, 2023 to the end of April 21, 2023

Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

Scale: The scale is expected to increase compared to the previous exhibition period, it is estimated that there are more than 150 exhibitors exhibiting booths belonging to more than 15 countries and regions. Welcoming thousands of quality and reputable visitors every day. Therefore, the construction of a beautiful and impressive construction booth promises to be one of the highlights to attract customers to attend.

3 categories of products on display at the Vietnam Analysis exhibition 

Experimental technology: for this field, the exhibition will display product lines about:

  • Chemical products and reagent products
  • Laboratory automation products and robots
  • Laboratory system and disease diagnosis
  • Instruments and equipment used in the laboratory
  • Safety equipment at work.

 Biotechnology, science and diagnostics

  • System of products for biochemical analysis
  • Diagnostic systems in medicine and laboratory
  • Life Experiment Technology

 Quality management and analysis system

  • Testing of materials and equipment used
  • Measurement and processing technology
  • Microscope.

 >> Some exhibitions in the same field will also be held in 2023, customers can consider choosing such as Smart City Asia 2023 exhibition.

Exploding on the opening day of Analytica Vietnam

Analytica Vietnam exhibition officially took place at 9 am on 19/04/2023 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC). Only on the first day of opening, but the event has received much attention from many organizations and businesses in the industry. According to the assessment, the number of visitors at the Analytica exhibition in 2023 is much larger than the previous ones.

In addition to domestic visitors, the exhibition also welcomed thousands of foreign visitors on the first day of opening. Exhibitors, or visitors, come from many different countries around the world, most are Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises.

Why should analytics enterprises attend the exhibition?

Analytica Vietnam Exhibition is the convergence of leading businesses in the world, an opportunity to directly exchange and learn from each other’s experiences. In 2023, the biochemical analysis industry exhibition promises to make a strong comeback. The exhibition is designed to stimulate rapid industry development, creating the latest product lines, applications and experiments. From there, learn the quintessence from the participating businesses.

Designing an impressive Analytica Vietnam exhibition booth and attracting visitors is a very necessary and worthy factor for businesses to pay attention to. Because the booth is the face of the business when represented at the Analytica Vietnam exhibition. Having a beautiful exhibition booth is also a way to promote the brand closer to potential customers and impress partners.

Reaching the right customer group that the company is aiming for is the best thing, in order to increase cooperation opportunities, the impressive exhibition booth design and the most elaborate exhibition booth construction is the most necessary thing right now.

Choosing the design and construction unit of the Analytica Vietnam exhibition booth

At the Analytica Vietnam exhibition, your business will meet a lot of competitors in the industry participating in the exhibition here. It is for this reason that choosing an Analytica Vietnam exhibition booth design unit is very important because when choosing the right experienced design unit, your booth will be perfect and attract the attention of all partners as well as customers in attendance.

In addition, it should be noted that the exhibition booth is the place where the company’s representative displays the latest product and service lines. Therefore, the investment in the construction of Analytica Vietnam exhibition booth cannot be taken lightly, having a well-organized and reasonably arranged booth will show professionalism and leave a good impression in the eyes of customers.

Gia Long and projects at the Analytica exhibition

As a professional and reputable exhibition booth construction unit, Gia Long is currently a unit trusted and chosen by many businesses. With more than 15 years of experience in designing and constructing exhibition booths, we always have the expertise in each stage, ensuring that the products are constructed as designed and satisfied with the most customers.

Project image Analytica 2023:

  • Dlab booth was designed and completed by Gia Long
  • Omsons booth displayed at the event
  • Bkamam & Lachoi booth will be completed by Gia Long in 2023

Gia Long is a long-time unit in the industry, beside from Analytica Vietnam exhibition booth design, Gia Long also provides the service for Analytica Vietnam Exhibition booth designer . When you choose us to be the construction unit for your Analytica Vietnam exhibition booth, you will be completely free of the booth design fee, as well as support to customize the design until the customer is satisfied.

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