Smart City Asia – Construction of Smart City Asia exhibition booth

Smart City Asia exhibition

Smart City Asia is a unique event in Asia in the smart technology industry. Following the success of the exhibition from 2022 to 2023, the Smart City event will continue on a larger, more attractive scale.

Smart City Asia – Smart city in Asia

Smart City Asia will continue to take place in Vietnam in April 2023. This is the first exhibition event in Vietnam focusing on showcasing smart devices, technology and solutions. Since the early years, Smart City Asia has received support from relevant organizations and associations in the region.

This is an annual exhibition event in the digital technology industry. Products on display are widely applied in the field of housing, construction, or in smart security devices. The exhibition takes place in Vietnam to contribute to strongly promoting and increasing trade promotion opportunities, building many cooperative relationships, promoting strong development in the digital industry in many countries and especially in Vietnam and Asia. Exhibitors that need to increase their attention should invest in an impressive and attractive Smart City Asia exhibition booth design.

Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm
Exhibition booth design and construction

Information about Smart City Asia exhibition

Event period: From April 13, 2023 to the end of April 15, 2023

Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

The scale: It is expected to display more than 400 booths, with the participation of more than 200 enterprises and large corporations in the industry from 16 countries around the world such as: USA, Japan, China, Germany, and Korea With the participation of international businesses and partners, exhibitors need to find the most professional and secure Smart City Asia booth construction unit.

4 fields on display at Smart City Asia 

Infrastructure and telecommunications

In the field of infrastructure and telecommunications, at Smart City Asia 2023, related products will be displayed such as:

  • 5G, Cloud Data
  • AI, Big Data
  • Cloud data
  • database security system
  • IoT and smart home system
  • Smart surveillance camera equipped with Alarm
  • Smart building management system
  • Building simulation models in 3D, building structure system
  • Smart control devices
  • The high-tech surveillance equipment system
  • Furniture and high-tech equipment

 Smart city

  • Display solutions in the urban management systems, solutions in ensuring safety and security
  • The intelligent digital conversion technology system
  • Optimal solutions for infrastructure
  • Smart handling solutions in traffic
  • Smart training system
  • Factory management applying advanced technology
  • Smart means of transportation
  • Smart property management

 Energy Technology

  • Using product lines of energy-saving equipment
  • Automated electricity use system
  • Use green energy lines and renewable energy sources
  • Products using solar and wind energy
  • Solar battery products
  • Solar and wind power generation system
  • Make the most of green and sustainable technology
  • The most sustainable energy-saving and maximum management system
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Recycled products and materials

 Virtual reality technology

  • Virtual reality technology equipment and products
  • 3D technology equipment integrated with virtual space
  • The system simulates real entities
  • Robot programming products
  • Virtual assistant system and virtual voice
  • Physical and digital space
  • Smart payment systems.

Each industry, a field has its own characteristics of each product. Therefore, it is necessary to invest more carefully in design of Smart City Asia booth that is most suitable for the products on display.

Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm
Exhibition booth design and construction

Why do smart technology businesses need to join Smart City Asia?

At the Smart City Asia exhibition, there will be parallel conference forums, creating conditions for businesses to exchange and cooperate, and capture many beneficial relationships for their business activities. The Forum on Smart City Technology will have the presence of leading businesses, learning many new technologies, as well as the development trends of the technology industry in the future.

Workshop on sharing and exchanging of enterprises on the topic of smart technology devices. With the participation of many creative young people with acumen in the industry, helping businesses find talent for the company right at the exhibition. Beautiful and impressive exhibition booth design will help businesses easily approach their customers

Smart City Asia 2023 is the biggest opportunity of the year for businesses in the industry to have the opportunity to cooperate and invest with larger and stronger enterprises. Expanding quality and prestigious cooperation relationships, creating a premise for the stronger development in the future. In order to increase opportunities for development cooperation, you need the most eye-catching Smart City Asia booth design, attracting investors among hundreds of other participating businesses.

Gia Long – A professional unit of Smart City Asia exhibition booth design

Coming to Smart City Asia 2023, your business will meet many businesses operating in the same field. Therefore, to have an advantage over your competitors, you need to have the most prominent display booth, impressing visitors at first sight. Not only the exhibition booth also represents the face of businesses participating in Smart City Asia exhibition.

Your business needs to invest in the most thoughtful booth design, both showing professionalism in style and creating a beautiful impression for customers about your business and the product lines displayed at the exhibition booth. exhibition.

Gia Long has many years of experience in Exhibition booth contractors, so you do not need to worry about the prestige and quality of the exhibition booth. We also provide a full package of exhibition booth design and construction services at the most competitive prices in the market, ensuring professionalism in each stage of implementation.

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