Beautycare Expo 2023 – Construction of the beauty industry exhibition booth

Beautycare Expo exhibition

Beautycare Expo is a beauty industry exhibition organized to support and nurture national brands, as well as introduce prestigious brands in the world to the Vietnamese beauty market. Impressive Beautycare Expo booth design will increase opportunities for exchanges and investment cooperation with businesses in the industry.

Beautycare Expo where the beauty business develops

Beautycare Expo is considered by businesses as an exhibition not to be missed in the beauty industry in Vietnam market. This is a great opportunity for importers, agents and distributors of beauty products and machinery to register to attend.

Vietnam’s beauty industry in 2025 will be a strongly developed market, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign investors. Because the demand for cosmetics and beauty products from Vietnamese people is increasing day by day. Realizing the growth opportunities of the industry, the beauty industry exhibition events were born one after another, the Government also created the most favorable conditions for cosmetic manufacturing and trading enterprises in Vietnam since 2016. Since then, the Vietnamese beauty market has boomed.

With the support from the Government, prestigious and quality activities in the beauty industry are taking place more and more. Especially, Beautycare Expo 2023 – The Vietnam International Exhibition On Cosmetics, Haircare, Bodycare, Aesthetics, Spa massage, Products, Devices and Services, an exhibition that fully converges the necessary business elements for a manufacturing business. To attend Beautycare Expo 2023, you need to invest in an attractive Beautycare Expo exhibition booth design, which increases the opportunity for cooperation right at the exhibition.

Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm - Exhibition booth design
Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

Information to know when participating in Beautycare Expo

Time: To be held from September 13, 2023 to the end of September 16, 2023

Venue: At Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

Exhibits: At the Beautycare Expo event, the following categories will be displayed:

  • Cosmetics.
  • Perfume.
  • Hair, skin and nail care products.
  • Products and services to take care of customers’ smiles.
  • Spa and daily wellness products.
  • Some of the raw materials.
  • Products and equipment in plastic surgery.
  • system of beauty salons and beauty salons.
  • Equipment, Packaging solutions, brand labeling.
  • Comprehensive health care machine.
  • Supplies for salons.
  • Services and furniture for beauty salons and spas.
  • Training and education center in the beauty industry.

To increase the attractiveness of the products displayed at the booth, businesses need to have a beautiful design of the Beautycare Expo booth and a prestigious Beautycare Expo booth construction unit.

The benefits that Beautycare Expo brings to participating businesses

  • Realizing the strong development of the beauty industry in the Vietnamese consumer market, the International Exhibition on Beauty Products, Technology and Services in Vietnam – Beautycare Expo was officially born. The exhibition is organized to introduce the latest products and services in the industry. Promote and find new solutions for participating businesses.
  • Exhibitions create the most favorable conditions for specialized businesses to approach more directly with potential customers. Improve efficiency when using new technology products and services produced by enterprises.
  • Beautycare Expo will hold seminars, meetings and exchanges with longtime experts. From there, find a direction for businesses in the beauty market, and penetrate the international market to find the most advanced technologies in the world.
  • At the Beautycare Expo, it will be much easier for businesses to find affiliate partners to develop together sustainably in the future. In order to increase the opportunities for an association, it is necessary to construct the most eye-catching and professional Beautycare Expo exhibition booth.
  • It is a favorable condition for large corporations and professional partners to meet, learn together, share experiences, and learn how to manage businesses. To accumulate knowledge, self-improvement, and development orientation of the company in the future.
  • Finally, this is a place for training units to find talented human resources in the industry, in addition to widely promoting their brands to visitors, and updating the most useful news in the beauty industry. Contribute to bringing beautiful and impressive exhibition booth designs in the eyes of viewers. 

How to stand out when exhibiting at Beautycare Expo

Booth design according to the criteria of the exhibition

The design of the Beautycare Expo booth both in line with the Beautycare Expo exhibition criteria and in line with the brand element is something that businesses need to pay attention to. In addition, businesses need to carefully understand the organization criteria of the Exhibition to avoid being wrong.

When participating in any exhibition event, businesses need to invest in the design of the exhibition booth in the most thoughtful way. This is the face representing the entire company participating in Beautycare Expo, so it is necessary to ensure professionalism, attraction and a strong impression.

Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm - Exhibition booth design
Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

Arrange the booth to suit the area and space

When deciding to participate in the exhibition at Beautycare Expo, you should choose for yourself the most suitable and convenient display location for approaching customers. The positions that attract the most attention, near the main gate or at the central locations of the exhibition area.

The display area in the booth is limited, so you need to arrange the products displayed at the booth in the most reasonable way to be both suitable for the booth space and convenient for visitors. This is also an important criterion in the construction of the Beautycare Expo exhibition booth that businesses need to pay attention to.

Display new and attractive products

The products selected for display should be carefully selected, choosing the latest and most fancy product lines. In addition, you can use supporting materials for the display to be more eye-catching and professional such as: shelves, cabinets, display podium systems, etc. In addition, to increase the lighting effects for the booth more attractive. attract and attract customers.

Gia Long – Package design and construction unit

When you participate in Beautycare Expo, you can choose a package design and construction service from Gia Long. Integrating both the design of the Beautycare Expo exhibition booth and the package construction, maximizing cost savings for your business. Besides, we also rent out furniture for display at the booth, what customers need we will try to meet in the best way.

With more than 20 years of operation in the industry, and rich design and construction experience. Along with a team of professional staff, we believe that will bring customers the most satisfaction. Contact us now for an Beautycare Expo Custom exhibition stand builders

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