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NEPCON exhibition

The NEPCON exhibition is the 14th electronic exhibition event held exclusively in Vietnam. It is one of the important events for businesses, technology suppliers, etc., to have the opportunity to exchange, collaborate, and contribute to the promotion and development of the domestic electronic industry.

Overview of NEPCON Vietnam

Understanding NEPCON Vietnam

NEPCON Vietnam is an electronic exhibition showcasing testing technology, SMT, equipment, and industry advancements for leading electronic equipment manufacturers in the country. This event is part of a community project initiated by Reed Tradex since 2020. Through knowledge and practical experiences gained from the program, it has helped many businesses overcome the challenges caused by the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Participants of the NEPCON exhibition also have the opportunity to directly witness advanced technologies from reputable brands in the market. Moreover, with its impressive scale and the participation of thousands of renowned experts in the industry, it undoubtedly provides a valuable opportunity for technology professionals to learn and develop their businesses.

Tổng quan Nepcon Việt Nam
Nepcon Vietnam

Throughout the electronic exhibition, various activities such as guidance and consultation are conducted on diverse topics. Additionally, the event includes courses and networking programs to help participating businesses gain a deeper understanding of electronics by applying modern and advanced technologies in the market.

Every year, NEPCON exhibition attracts over 5,000 experts, featuring product introductions from famous brands nationwide. It is evident that NEPCON exhibition is considered one of the important events, providing exclusive information in the fields of technology and electronics from the country’s top experts.

Information about NEPCON Vietnam 2023

Date: The exhibition will take place from September 6, 2023, to September 8, 2023.

Venue: Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Cultural Palace, 91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Participating Company:

NEPCON 2023 will feature reputable brands specializing in the business, manufacturing, and distribution of electronic devices, surface mount technology, accessories, and other components. In addition, there will be participation from manufacturers, OEMs, and other industries related to the electronic sector.

Exhibited Product Categories:

The exhibition will showcase various surface mount technology equipment such as printers, dispensers, pick and place machines, conveyors, wave soldering machines, surface mount machines, chip detectors, measurement and testing equipment, printed circuit boards, electronic manufacturing services, and soldering equipment.

Thông tin về triễn lãm Nepcon  - NEPCON Exhibition 2023
Thông tin về triễn lãm Nepcon – Information about NEPCON Vietnam 2023

Cost of Exhibition Participation

Empty Space Booth: (minimum 36 sqm): $475 USD/m2

Standard Booth: $575 USD/m2 (including walls, partitions, information counter, chairs, carpet, power socket, fluorescent lights, waste basket).

Registration Fee: $270 USD/company (including security, sanitation, company name in the exhibition directory).

Corner Booth Surcharge: $150 USD/company (additional charge for booths with a facing side of 9 sqm or more).

Highlights of NEPCON Vietnam 2023 Activities

Currently, NEPCON 2023 is fully prepared with state-of-the-art equipment to provide optimal experiences for participants. It is expected to attract over 10,000 customers, thousands of experts, technology suppliers, and electronics industry forums and consultations nationwide. The exhibition will undoubtedly be a major gathering for participants from Vietnam and other countries in the region.

The prominent activities at NEPCON exhibition that cannot be missed include business exchanges, trade interactions among enterprises, short-term training courses, the IPC electronic hand soldering competition, and information on community projects. Additionally, there will be practical activities to provide participants with hands-on experiences of various business products.

Hoạt động nổi bật của triển lãm nepcon
Hoạt động nổi bật của triển lãm nepcon – Highlights of NEPCON Vietnam 2023 Activities

Exhibition Booth Construction Company for NEPCON Vietnam 2023

The NEPCON exhibition provides a practical opportunity for businesses in the electrical industry to access and learn about market trends. It also serves as a platform for networking and meeting potential partners within and outside the region. Therefore, the professional and standout exhibition booth design plays a significant role in the success of a brand in the eyes of customers.

Gia Long is one of the reputable companies specialized in exhibition booth construction NEPCON exhibition. With many years of experience and a team of experienced staff, we confidently deliver impressive and visually appealing booth contractor for our customers.

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