The scale of Vietbuild exhibition through each period of organization

Quy mô triển lãm Vietbuild

Every year, the scale of Vietbuild exhibition is very large, specializing in Construction. In 2023 Vietbuild promises to bring a vibrant specialized exhibition with the creativity and modernity of thousands of booths at Vietbuild exhibition.

The purpose and the scale of Vietbuild exhibition take place every year

Exhibitions are held very often, with the aim of implementing the guidelines and support policies of the State for the construction and real estate industry in the country. The activity increases the possibility of trade promotion and international integration so that domestic enterprises can have a good direction in the current volatile economic situation.

The exhibition event is held many times a year across 3 regions of the country: Vietbuild HCMC, Vietbuild Da Nang, Vietbuild Hanoi, in which the scale of Vietbuild exhibition is very large, converging thousands of exhibition booths belonging to hundreds of large and small domestic and foreign enterprises to attend. It is expected to be a value-added exchange activity for participating businesses as well as the exhibition.

Quy mô triển lãm Vietbuild
The scale of Vietbuild exhibition

Vietbuild takes place in a very good condition for businesses in the industry to develop together, learn from experience and apply new technologies. Besides, it is an opportunity for you to cooperate in investment and business association to launch new product lines in the field of Construction, Real Estate and Interior Decoration.

The scale of Vietbuild exhibition and thousands of booths

It is expected that in 2023, Vietbuild will welcome thousands of booths to display and introduce at Vietbuild exhibition with the participation of hundreds of enterprises in the industry.

Taking place on a grand scale, it is expected that each period of the organization will have more than 1500 booths displayed by more than 200 enterprises in the industry, the participation of many reputable enterprises in the industry opens up the best opportunity for those wishing to purchase construction materials for business, decoration and home construction. This is also a role that Vietbuild is actively developing in the period of socio-economic development and global business integration.

With a very large scale of Vietbuild exhibition, Vietbuild 2023 exhibition promises to bring the diversity and strong vitality of Vietnam’s construction industry such as fully meeting the construction needs, industrialization and modernization of the whole world. branch. In addition, businesses and corporations attending Vietbuild exhibition always give participating businesses the opportunity to develop sustainably in the future. Therefore, you need to choose for yourself a professional booth construction unit to introduce your products to customers.

The enterprises participating in Vietbuild always carry in themselves a strong spirit of integration and always want to change and develop day by day, absorbing the innovation of the world construction industry. Because of that need, each Vietbuild exhibition will take place on a large scale, both spreading a new atmosphere, and a new feeling, and meeting the learning and exchange needs of the participating businesses.

In addition, Enterprises must also choose for themselves a reputable and professional Eexhibition contractor to bring the best effect when participating in exhibitions.

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