VIMF 2023 – Design and construction of VIMF exhibition booth

VIMF exhibition

VIMF is the largest industrial and manufacturing exhibition in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. Attending businesses that want to attract customers to the booth need to have an outstanding VIMF exhibition booth design, and a professional VIMF booth construction team.

What is VIMF? General information about the exhibition VIMF

VIMF – The largest exhibition in Vietnam

VIMF is the International Exhibition on Industry and Manufacturing in Vietnam. It is the only specialized event held in Bac Ninh, Da Nang and Binh Duong with the participation of enterprises in the industry in Vietnam. Is considered the most ideal event for enterprises producing and providing industrial products and services.

The exhibition is organized to act as a bridge for manufacturers, suppliers and customers, bringing maximum efficiency for businesses in finding agents, partners as well as suppliers. distribute products at home and abroad.

4 important information about VIMF 2023 exhibition for businesses

Time: From June 21, 2023 to June 23, 2023 in Binh Duong

From 8/11/2023 to 10/11/2023 in Bac Ninh

Venue: WTC International Exhibition Center – Binh Duong

Kinh Bac Cultural Center – Bac Ninh

The scale of the exhibition: Up to more than 300 booths are expected.

Display categories: Thanks to the breakthrough in both the scale and the display industry, the next will display product lines such as

  • Producing, and manufacturing all kinds of machines and industrial equipment.
  • New Technologies, Industrial machinery spare parts and precision mechanical components.
  • Automation systems in the industry, factories and other types of system integration in the production process.
  • Supply chain systems and solutions.
  • Electrical equipment, energy and lifting tools in the production process.
  • Robots and automatic devices, supporting devices are displayed at the exhibition booth.
  • Printing technology and industrial 3D printing equipment.

Vietnam Industry and Manufacturing Exhibition after many times have affirmed its prestige and quality, after many efforts and efforts, the exhibition has become the most worthy exhibition event to attend, and is highly appreciated in Asia. The exhibition, also welcomed many businesses from around the world to attend such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, Germany, USA, Italy, Malaysia, and Thailand, … attracting a large number of visitors from all places in the area.

6 benefits that enterprises in the industry should attend the VIMF 2023 exhibition?

Visitors will learn more about the latest trends in Industry and Manufacturing at the present time and in the future, along with some of the benefits that the Industry and Manufacturing exhibition brings.

  • Create opportunities for trade connections with participating businesses, and expand opportunities for development and international cooperation.
  • Grasp the future development strategy of the industry.
  • As a convergence of businesses in the industrial production industry, facilitating the connection of related supply and manufacturing businesses closer together.
  • Update new technologies, and new trends to improve efficiency and apply advanced techniques for industrial production.
  • Reach out directly to target customers, giving them a better understanding and details of your products.
  • Impressive VIMF booth design enhances the opportunity to promote the brand and attract customers to know about the business.

Outstanding activities to take place at VIMF 2023

In order to create diversity as well as optimize activities for visiting customers, at the VIMF exhibition, there are programs of exchange and sharing activities, and thematic seminars dedicated to the industry. The manufacturing industry can take place: Business connection programs, seminars, performances of technology equipment, Sales and Marketing activities area and many trade promotions and business support activities.

When participating in the VIMF exhibition, businesses will be closer to manufacturers, suppliers, as well as potential customers in the field of Industry and Manufacturing.

Selection of VIMF exhibition booth design and construction unit

To create an attraction and impression when participating in VIMF exhibition 2023 exhibition booth needs to have a reputable and quality VIMF exhibition booth design and construction unit, ensuring that the booth retains both its corporate characteristics and is modern and outstanding in the eyes of the attendees. Besides, the construction of the VIMF exhibition booth is also very important, because this is the step to bring the design to the most complete completion at the exhibition.

Coming to Gia Long, you will be supported and consulted from design to construction to complete the booth in the most thoughtful way. Ensure to satisfy your business from the design stage to the professional booth construction team. The exhibition booth represents businesses participating in the VIMF exhibition, so having an impressive exhibition booth construction unit is the first success in promoting and attracting the attention of visitors. 

Typical VIMF exhibition booths designed and constructed by Gia Long

With many years of experience in the field of VIMF exhibition booth design and construction, Gia Long is proud to be the leading unit in the industry. Along with a team of highly skilled and professionally trained construction workers, we have been honored to accompany different businesses across the country and internationally. Contribute to bring you the most impressive exhibition stand design for participants.

With the desire to bring customers impressive booth designs, along with the most professional and methodical construction process through each exhibition event. Let’s take a look at the booth that Gia Long completed at the exhibition:

VIMF exhibition events in 2018:

  • VSIP booth was designed and completed by Gia Long at the exhibition.

Gia Long – is the unit that designed and constructed the VIMF exhibition booths. Our completed booths are present at most of the large and small booth design company events across the country. Coming to Gia Long, customers will receive the most dedicated support and advice to get a suitable and impressive booth.

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