Solar Show 2023 – Solar Show pavilion design

Solar Show exhibition

Solar Show 2023 officially returns to Vietnam with many advanced technologies in clean and green energy. This is an international event and with the appearance of many foreign investors and enterprises. 

The eye-catching pavilion design not only helps to attract many companies and enterprises who are interested in your products but also serves as a bridge to promote strong trade in this new sector.

About Solar Show

Solar Show 2023 is the largest renewable energy exhibition in Vietnam. The exhibition is a place to introduce the most advanced and modern technology products in the green and clean energy sector to investors, enterprises as well as smart consumers. 

The selection to the use of renewable energy is directly contributing to the protection of nature. In the current state of alarming environmental pollution, natural disasters and floods, environmental protection are essential.

Therefore, Solar Show Vietnam was established to reduce harmful agents to the environment. Provide products, services, and solutions to preserve and protect the common home of the whole world.

Detailed information about Solar Show 2023

Exhibition name: Solar Show Vietnam – Exhibition of renewable energy equipment

Time: Expected from July 12, 2023 – July 13, 2023

Location: SKY EXPO Vietnam.

Exhibition scale: With the presence of 120 participating units and 100 speakers from 30 countries and territories around the world. It is expected that about 3000 visitors and 600 delegates attend and 13 prizes will be awarded. In 2023 is promised to be the destination for experts and enterprises in the world. 

Outstanding numbers at Solar Show

Solar Show 2022 took place successfully with impressive numbers such as:

– 3000 turns of visitors to the exhibition

– 50 speakers representing countries and regions around the world

– 80 exhibitors from international brands. With the appearance of many big players in the solar energy sector such as: Ulica Solar, Hope Wind, ChinaLand, Jinko, GCL, Clenergy, Foen,…

Coming back after 3 years of the Covid-19 pandemic, Solar Show 2022 is an impressive premise to prepare for the  Solar Show 2023 which is booming in terms of both scale and quality. Promise to bring customers and partners the best experience in renewable energy.

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Benefits of participating in Solar Show

Participating in exhibitions helps enterprises reach many target customers, including the opportunity to expand relationships and get to know many potential customers. Having the opportunity to promote the image of the business, free communication through major newspapers, television and radio. Therefore, choosing a reputable and impressive exhibition booth designing unit is extremely important for businesses.

In addition, participating enterprises also have the opportunity to contact and update the latest technology trends of other enterprises as well as in the world, and meet quality buyers and sellers in accordance with the exhibition sector. Since then, promoting trade promotion activities.

Gia Long and a series of impressive Solar Show pavilion design projects

Solar Show 2022

+ ZBENY pavilion designed and constructed by Gia Long

+ Design of SUNGROW pavilion made by Gia Long

+ Construction of Solis pavilion made by Gia Long

Solar Show 2019

+ JINKO pavilion made by Gia Long with package construction

+ FOEN pavilion designed and constructed by Gia Long

+ CHINA LAND fair pavilion completed by Gia Long

+ HOPEWIND’s Advertising pavilion is completed by Gia Long 

+ Design of GCL pavilion made by Gia Long

+ Construction of ULICA SOLAR pavilion completed by Gia Long

Solar Show 2018

+ JINKO pavilion completed by Gia Long

+ Construction and design of the SAJ pavilion is made by Gia Long

Solar Show pavilion design not only brings commercial benefits but also the face of the whole brand. Enterprises need to select a reputable design unit and construction contractor to be able to participate in the exhibition in the most effective way. Gia Long – Exhibition booth designers contractors is proud to be a unit with more than 20 years of experience in the package construction of pavilions. We are self-confident to bring you the most outstanding and attractive pavilion. In addition, you can refer to the Vietbuild Hanoi exhibition

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