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Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition

Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition – is an annual event about telecommunications products and services, information technology and communication that is most awaited by information technology enterprises of the year. It is an opportunity for businesses in the industry to converge, seek investment cooperation opportunities and distributors.

Vietnam ICTCOMM – The leading B2B event in the information technology industry

About Vietnam events ICTCOMM

Vietnam ICTCOMM is an exhibition event that information technology businesses should attend. Because this is an event dedicated to the information technology and telecommunications industry, the exhibition that gathers many domestic and foreign businesses is a time for businesses to catch up with the latest trends in the world in the technology and technology industry. provide solutions and directions for businesses.

As the leading event in the field of digital technology, Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition is the first time to launch a combination of live exhibition and online exhibition (Hybrid). Coming to Vietnam ICTCOMM, businesses will be able to exchange, share, find partners and expand markets, contributing to improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises in the international arena.

3 important pieces of information about Vietnam ICTCOMM

  • Time: Officially taking place from 08/06/2023 to 10/06/2023
  • Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)
  • Exhibition scale: It is expected that in 2023 the 8th Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition will have a display area of ​​more than 10,000m2, welcoming over 12,000 customers to attend, along with the attendance of more than 550 booths belonging to the group. 450 enterprises in the information technology industry in more than 15 countries and territories around the world. In addition, at the exhibition booths, there will be more than 1,500 products from brands around the world.

Benefits for businesses participating in Vietnam ICTCOMM

  • Logos of brands and businesses will be displayed on the exhibition’s official website.
  • At the option of the Organizing Committee, businesses will have the opportunity to put their name and logo on the official media publications of the exhibition event.
  • Free 1 page of company information and products on the Catalog of Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition events.
  • In addition, businesses also get free 03 products of the company on Preview – Summary of products on display of the 2023 exhibition.
  • To be allowed by the exhibition to post information about businesses and products on the exhibition’s website, official Fanpage and on a number of press channels with which the event cooperates.
  • Participating in programs at the exhibition is completely free such as: Workshops, Talks, trade connection programs,
  • The Organizing Committee will prioritize and arrange meetings with investors, businesses and specialized buyers.
  • And along with thousands of other attractive incentives for businesses registering to attend the Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition.

Why is the Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition held in Vietnam?

  • In Vietnam, the information technology industry is on a strong development momentum, with high growth thanks to low input costs but a very high quality of labor.
  • Besides, Vietnam is currently the eighth largest provider of information technology services worldwide.
  • The information technology industry in Vietnam is being supported and facilitated by the government with tax and labor incentives. This is one reason why the information technology industry in the country is having great development.

When Vietnam began to transform from low-end technology manufacturing to an economy with a development orientation in the service industry, and information technology, Vietnam immediately had a strong attraction, creating a new market. Competition in the industry has companies in China and India. This is partly encouraged by Vietnam’s strong growth as a market for businesses and technology providers globally. Seeing that Vietnam is a potential country, Vietnam ICTCOMM has decided to hold an annual exhibition here.

Five industries representing the information technology industry show development potential and are currently in the trend of the information technology field in Vietnam: Fintech, artificial intelligence (AI), commerce, and commerce. electronics, software applications and technology in education.

Construction of Vietnam exhibition booth ICTCOMM

At the Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition, there will be the presence of many large and small enterprises in the industry, a great opportunity to attract investors, partners and thousands of potential customers. Therefore, participating businesses should prepare the largest exhibition booth, creating a strong impression for attendees. The participating businesses need to find themselves a professional and reputable booth design and construction unit. Because choosing an experienced exhibition booth contractor does not only display products but also represents the face of the business, a place to promote the brand.

Construction exhibition booth Vietnam ICTCOMM is very important. Please contact us immediately for advice, support and quotation for exhibition booth design and construction today.

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