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Thiết kế gian hàng triển lãm Petfair Vietnam

Petfair Vietnam 2024 – Vietnam’s leading international trade fair for Pet Care Products, Technology, and Services will continue to take place in March 2024. The event promises to return on a large scale, converging goods. Thousands of visitors from all over the world to the pet industry today. 

Some details about the exhibition Pet Fair Vietnam

Minh Vi Exhibition and Advertising Services Company Limited (VEAS) is the organizer of the international exhibition of Pet Care Products, Technology, and Services and is also one of the Organizers of Business Exhibitions and Conferences leading industry in Southeast Asia. After many years of impressive success, the exhibition has opened up many new opportunities for businesses through the latest services and solutions in the industry.

Press launch event of Pet Fair Vietnam 2024 exhibition
Press launch event of Pet Fair Vietnam 2024 exhibition

Petfair Vietnam 2024 returns with the most majestic scale ever, with a space area of ​​5000m2 gathering more than 250 exhibitors from 20 countries. It is the ideal foundation to promote the pet industry in Vietnam to international markets

The exhibition is expected to welcome more than 5,000 visitors to destinations to exchange and connect between experts and attendees. In particular, with hundreds of guest speakers from organizations, agencies, and large corporations at home and abroad. Promising to bring an extremely attractive atmosphere with topical and useful discussion topics in the industry.

Details about the exhibition PetFair Vietnam

Time and place

Time: From March 27 – 29, 2024

Location: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Exhibition field

Displaying a series of veterinary products at Pet Fair Vietnam
Displaying a series of veterinary products at Pet Fair Vietnam

The event introduces a series of advanced professional products and services including:

  • Food, nutritional drinks, and dietary supplements.
  • Machinery, equipment, medical supplies
  • Fashion and necessities.
  • Accessories and toys of all kinds
  • Vaccines, veterinary drugs, and biological products
  • Cosmetic equipment
  • Hospitals & clinics, pet hotels
  • Furniture and equipment for hospitals, veterinary clinics and spas
  • Domestic and imported livestock breeds
  • Hospital and clinic management software equipment
  • Ornamental fish and aquatic creatures
  • Packaging solutions, raw materials

Top reasons businesses should participate in exhibitions at Petfair Vietnam 2024

  • When greedyvia is displayed at Petfair Vietnam 2024 Businesses will receive a free full information page on Show Directory.
  • Package the standard booth will include a booth nameplate and booth number, a pre-built white wall 2.5 m high, 2 x 40W fluorescent light bulbs, 1 information desk, 2 x folding chairs, 1 220V power outlet, and 1 storage box garbage.
  • It doesn’t take too much time to search for each source individually. All reputable units and brands will be gathered here at Petfair Vietnam 2024.
  • Great place to connect for business and find direct sources of goods, without intermediaries in 3 days.
  • Meet and connect directly with famous manufacturers, retailers, care services, pet stores, and distributors from various pet fields. Opportunity to bring your products and services to many potential customers and partners quickly, economically, and effectively.
The exhibition booth was completed by Gia Long
The exhibition booth was completed by Gia Long

Outstanding program of activities

Specialized conferences and seminars

At the exhibition Petfair Vietnam 2024 all visitors will be able to participate in a series of seminars and conferences specializing in Pet Care Technology and Services taking place completely free of charge, hosted by high-level business experts from 20 countries. Directly share useful information on many different topics.

At the same time, it is an opportunity for businesses to update new trends in the market, thereby finding the best solutions when encountering difficult problems in the industry.

Business connection program

When businesses participate in the organizer’s trade connection program at the exhibition. Petfair Vietnam will search and arrange appointments between you and representatives of the companies you want to cooperate with, based on the information previously provided.

In addition, the connection program will be open for registration 1 month before the official exhibition takes place, which is an opportunity for businesses to meet many potential partners and customers at the same time.

The exhibition booth was designed and constructed by Gia Long
The exhibition booth was designed and constructed by Gia Long

Exhibition booth design and construction unitPetfair Vietnam 2024

Petfair Vietnam 2024 – Vietnam’s leading trade show for Pet Care Products, Technology, and Services. At the same time, it is a destination for all visitors to search and meet leading units and suppliers in the industry. Therefore, for businesses to stand out at the exhibition, they need to find a professional exhibition booth contractor that can attract 5,000 visitors.

Gia Long – Designs exhibition booths and constructs Petfair Vietnam professional fair booths on the market. More than 20 years of experience in the industry, with a team of experienced construction staff, highly skilled in construction and design. We are committed to providing beautiful and unique exhibition booth design services in Vietnam to attract the most visitors.

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