Automechanika 2023 – Construction of Automotive Service booths

Automechanika exhibition

 Automechanika is an event about the automotive service industry, with the participation of leading businesses. To impress and attract customers at the exhibition, your business should equip a unique, outstanding and impressive Automechanika fair booth design in the hearts of customers.

What is Automechanika? Details of the exhibition Automechanika

Automechanika and the latest information

Automechanika is the only exhibition dedicated to the Automotive Service Industry and its after-sales services. It is also a small part of the worldwide Automechanika brand.

Unlike previous times, in 2023, the Automechanika exhibition is more focused on the motorcycle segment, because Vietnam is the country that ranks 4th in the world motorcycle market. At the upcoming exhibition, Automechanika promises to enhance technology services and products suitable for the regional consumer market.

Why say the Automotive Service Industry Fair 2023 focuses a lot on the motorcycle segment? Because in Vietnam, the growth rate of motorcycles is 10%, expected to reach 11 million vehicles by 2025, realizing that this is a product developed in the future, the fair has proposed to put Motorcycles on the list. The fair of the year 2023 is here.

Details of Automechanika

Time: From June 23, 2023 to the end of June 25, 2023

Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

Scale: It is expected that the Automotive Service Industry Fair in 2023 will attract more than 390 businesses from more than 16 countries and territories to attend, with a display area of over 10,000m2 will include 9 The international pavilion belongs to the following countries: Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, UAE, Turkey.

 Displaying products

In order to bring customers a variety of products on display, in 2023, will bring to you 10 product segments as follows:

  • Auto parts and accessories.
  • Electronics and utility systems.
  • Accessories and other customized devices.
  • Repair and maintenance of vehicle infrastructure equipment.
  • Distribution enterprises and workshop management systems.
  • Car care and repair services.
  • Alternative movements and digital systems.
  • Spare parts, components and services related to motorcycles.
  • REIFEN – New tire industry, showcasing products specializing in tires and tires.
  • Others include industrial organization and publishing.

Discover typical businesses present in Automechanika 2023

Known as the leading exhibition event in the automotive industry, Automechanika is always an event that is interesting and looked forward to by famous businesses in the world.

Coming to the Auto Service Industry Exhibition 2023, there will be the presence of a series of typical names in the automotive segment, with a variety of related fields, from automobiles, accessories, lubricants, oil and gas, to equipment. For example, Cepsa – a Spanish oil giant, Dunlop Tech – a genuine tire brand from Germany, and many other brands such as Benzol, Maxbelt, Cepsa, Systems, Inventis, Logiform, Dunlop Tech, Exedy, Greatway, Lubrex, Epicor, OBD Vietnam and Tasotti…

What will automobile enterprises receive when participating in Automechanika?

 Coming to each event of separate specialties, businesses will consider why they need to attend the exhibition in general and  Automechanika in particular. Here are a few reasons that businesses should consider when exhibiting products at Automechanika.

  • Increase business sales: This is the biggest benefit and a prerequisite for businesses to decide to participate in the exhibition. Because there will be a large number of potential customers attending, leading to high purchases and a huge number of successful orders.
  • Make a lasting impression: Coming to the exhibition event, the company’s booth with its unique design, eye-catching decoration space and attractive activities will create a lasting impression in the hearts of customers. Therefore, it is important to have an impressive Automechanika fair booth design.
  • Enhancing business networking opportunities: A fair is a gathering place for businesses in the same industry, with much interest from customers in many fields. Here will arise many long-term cooperation relationships in the future.
  • Opportunities for access and training: When attending, your business will have closer access to new technologies, interact directly with potential customers, and learn and share many professional benefits.
  • Capturing current competitors and markets: Capturing the situation of competitors from which to map out a strategy for the business.

Selection of the design and construction unit of the fair booth Automechanika

To make a strong impression in the hearts of attendees, as well as stand out from competitors in the industry at the upcomingAutomechanika event. Enterprises should prepare and look for a professional Automechanika fair booth design unit, in addition, it is necessary to have an experienced fair booth construction team, to ensure that when the booth is completed, it will make a lasting impression in the hearts of attendees.

The fair booth is the representative face of the business when participating in the fair. Therefore, investing in a unique and thoughtful booth will make a strong impression and create sympathy for customers and partners. Not only that but finding a reputable trade show booth design and construction company is essential.

Automechanika and projects Gia Long has done

When businesses choose Gia Long as the design and construction unit for the Automechanika booth, we will design 3D and support editing to best suit the requirements of the business. With more than 20 years of operation in the industry, with an experienced construction team, we are confident to bring our customers the most satisfactory designs, along with the most professional and guaranteed construction process. Contribute to bring you beautiful and impressive exhibition booth designs in the eyes of viewers

Let’s review the previous AUTOMECHANIKA booths that Gia Long has completed.


  • EVEREST HD booth was designed and completed by Gia Long
  • PLOGCO booth was designed and constructed by Gia Long
  • XINYI Brake booth was designed and constructed by Gia Long

Gia Long Construction and Exhibition Company Limited with many years of experience in designing and constructing Automechanika fair booths. Guaranteed to bring businesses professional Exhibition stand contractor. We are confident to bring customers the most satisfaction in terms of design, quality, aesthetics and construction process. Our professionalism will bring customers the most attractive booth at the event.

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