Taiwan Expo 2023 – Impressive Taiwan Expo pavilion design

Taiwan Expo exhibition

Taiwan Expo is a trade cooperation event between Vietnam and Taiwan. Therefore, enterprises should not miss the opportunity to participate in the exhibition. So how to obtain an attractive design for the pavilion at an exhibition? Not only that, but the construction of pavilions to be impressive is also a common question of many enterprises when preparing to participate in the exhibition.

What is Taiwan Expo? Information about Taiwan Expo 2023

What is Taiwan Expo?

Taiwan Expo is a major trade connection event to promote cooperation between Taiwanese enterprises and enterprises from ASEAN and South Asian countries, including Vietnam, organized by the International Trade Bureau, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). 

2023, an exhibition to promote Taiwan’s image in order to build the image of Taiwan in the eyes of Vietnamese people. From there, there are opportunities to exchange and exchange about human resources, culture, economy and trade. 

The exhibition was born there and is a place to communicate Taiwanese products through product displays, seminars, forums and online media channels. It is both a place to build an image and a place to help Taiwan better understand the needs and realities of new southern partners to cooperate and establish long-term relationships.

Information about exhibition

Time: Taking place from 21 – 23, July 2021, Taiwan Expo 2023 is expected to hold in July 2023

Location: Online

Estimated scale: 195 participating enterprises

Outstanding numbers when referring to Taiwan Expo

Taiwan Expo 2023 is promised to be even more successful than previous years. It was held for the first time in 2017 and has been held for 4 consecutive years. As the destination of 3,100 Taiwanese enterprises, including 6 countries and 14 cities, including: Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The event attracted more than 400,000 visitors. Bringing 1 billion USD of business opportunities for Taiwan and new southern countries.

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In 2021, with many fluctuations around the world, including the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, many economic and commercial activities have been frozen. Therefore, 2021 has been implemented in an online form so that enterprises can continue to exchange and trade with each other. Although not directly exchanged, it is still possible to capture the operation of the Taiwan market. 

Taiwan Expo 2017 attracted more than 24,000 attendees, a high number that brought the resounding success of the first season and set the stage for the next years. In 2018, the number of statistics up to 5,500 products displayed at the exhibition, another record was set. In 2019 the way of displaying and classifying each theme changed when the exhibition is divided into 6 main themes such as:

  •         Taiwan e-commerce
  •         Smart city
  •         Taiwan culture and tourism
  •         Taiwan Lifestyle
  •         Green technology and environment
  •         Machinery in the field of food processing

Gia Long and Taiwan Expo Project in the Years


Taiwan Expo 2019

+ Taiwan Excellence exhibition pavilion designed and constructed by Gia Long.

+ Cold Chain exhibition pavilion completed by Gia Long.

Taiwan Expo 2018

+ Taiwan Excellence’s exhibition pavilion is made by Gia Long.

Prestigious Taiwan Expo pavilion Design and Construction Unit

2023 is a place for cultural-economic exchange between Taiwan and Vietnam. Therefore, enterprises exhibiting at the exhibition must pay more attention to the design of the Taiwan Expo pavilion as well as find a professional exhibition pavilion construction unit to make a good impression in the eyes of international friends.

Gia Long is a unit of Design and Construction booth in Vietnam with more than 20 years of experience in the profession will give you the most 

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