Vietbuild Da Nang 2023 Iternational Exhibition – Exhibition Stand Design And Construction

Vietbuild Da Nang exhibition

Vietbuild Da Nang is an annual construction-specialized event with the attendance of various companies in the field of construction, building material, interior & exterior decoration and real estate. This is a great place where firms can meet, communicate and introduce their products and services to customers and partners.

Thus, if companies would like to attend this event, they need to have an exhibition stand with a special and attractive design. To do that they have to find a professional and reputed company that designs and constructs the exhibition stands at VIETBUILD.

Detailed information about Vietbuild Da Nang 2023

  • Venue: Da Nang International Exhibition & Fair Center, 09 The  August Revolution street, Khue Trung ward, Cam Le district, Da Nang city.
  • Time: 10/05/2023 – 14/05/2023

The scale of the event: more than 1000  exhibition stands from domestic and foreign brands will be exhibited at Vietbuild Da Nang 2023. Located in the center of the country, the geographical site of Vietbuild Da Nang 2023 is perfect for commercial exchanges.

The exhibited ranges of products at Vietbuild Da Nang 2023

– Construction: The exhibition will introduce products belonging to Construction to customers.

– Architectural design and consulting: Here, we will introduce to customers architectural design services, or consulting services for construction works. Services on consulting and quality inspection of works and equipment products such as:

  • Construction design consultancy, architectural design, interior and exterior decoration design
  • Construction quality inspection consulting, construction quality certification consulting
  • Consulting on quality inspection of building materials, consulting on the development of national technical standards, standards on acceptance of construction materials, norms of materials, product manuals, etc.
  • Design and construction consultancy with green building materials, developed according to international standards

– Construction materials: Displaying necessary materials in the Construction industry in Vietnam, along with a system of machinery for the construction process are also displayed at the Construction Industry Exhibition. Construction materials products: Cement, steel, concrete, bricks, tiles, ceramic tiles, colored tiles, lipsticks and waterproofing agents, industrial coloring agents, chemicals in construction, equipment water supply and drainage, solar energy machines, construction plastics, sound and heat insulation materials, building glass. and all kinds of roofing sheets, steel structures, scaffolding…

  • All kinds of machinery and technological equipment for the production of building materials.
  • Products and equipment on renewable energy technology, energy saving, friendly & environmental protection

– Real Estate: In each booth displayed at Vietbuild Da Nang 2023 exhibition will bring customers many surprises about new investment projects, industrial and housing zones, trading floors. services on the market, along with high-tech products for smart and modern homes. Introducing industrial parks, residential areas, office buildings, resorts, tourism, hotels, ..– Interior and – —

– Exterior Decoration: Also on the list of industries participating in Vietbuild Da Nang Exhibition, decorative product lines such as fire protection equipment, network systems, systems electricity, flow alarm system, burglar alarm, anti-theft, camera, safe, lock of all kinds.

  • Interior-exterior decoration products: Tables and chairs, cabinets, beds, refrigeration equipment, lights for houses, rice fields, windows, curtains, movable partitions, fans, kitchen equipment , sanitary ware, including porcelain carpets, handicrafts, fine arts, statues, wallpaper, swimming pool, flooring, salon, books for construction design drawing, architecture, interior and exterior decoration the seventh

The outstanding enterprises at Vietbuild Da Nang 2023

The exhibition of construction – building materials – real estate – interior & exterior decoration is a great occasion the domestic and foreign companies in the construction industry are able to perform and introduce their strengths and achievements to the visitors.

You will find famous brands such as: Vietnam HAFELE Co.Ltd, Dewoo Door Sync., Dekko Co.Ltd., Namnsung Aluminum Co.Ltd, Euro View Sync, Senko Co.Ltd, Bac Thinh Co.Ltd, Toan Phu interior decoration company, etc.

For a long time, Vietbuild Da Nang has been considered one of Vietnam’s biggest construction events. Over the last 20 years, Vietbuild Da Nang has affirmed its fame worldwide, bringing Vietnamese products to reach the Europe market as well as other export markets over the world.

Within the framework of Vietbuild Da Nang Exhibition 2023, there will be practical and creative events such as the introduction of new products, new services, and advanced technologies of the construction industry. At the same time, the seminar “New building materials, finishing materials and interior and exterior decoration” will also be a bridge to help businesses exchange, meet and expand business cooperation.

>> Important information about Vietbuild exhibition

Reasons to attend Vietbuild Da Nang Exhibition 2023

Vietbuild Da Nang Exhibition 2023 brings great benefits in terms of economy, technology transfer, trade promotion and construction investment cooperation for businesses. Many specialized seminars and trade conferences on technology transfer, new product introduction, joint venture cooperation and association took place at Vietbuild. Many quality awards are given to businesses with reputable products and brands, contributing to high-quality, sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving construction works.

– Within the framework of Vietbuild Da Nang Exhibition 2023, many specialized seminars will also take place. This is considered an opportunity for managers, experts and businesses to share and discuss new and modern technologies, as well as encourage businesses to research and continuously produce new products and technologies. high to meet the needs of the urban housing and construction market towards green and sustainable development.

Vietbuild Da Nang Exhibition 2023 is also a meeting place for construction contractors, engineers, architects as well as visitors.. Here, each person will find for themselves many new solutions and products suitable for suitable to apply advanced science and technology to serve the construction industry and housing projects.

Exhibition design and construction at Vietbuild Da Nang 2023

Vietbuild Da Nang is not only an exhibition for displaying products, but it also offers a contest that the companies with huge contributions to the foundation and development of VIETBUILD can take part in and gain the prize of the significant stand and the most impressively beautiful stand. The company receiving the most votes will win the prize.

Therefore, when attending Vietbuild Da Nang your company should prepare a special and attractive stand to draw visitors’ attention and gain a prize from the organizer and appear in well-known magazines.

At such an important event like Vietbuild Da Nang, companies should show off their carefulness and professionalism. An exhibition stand is a representative of the company’s brand,  thus you should carefully choose a reputed design and construction company.

Gia Long is a reputed exhibition stand designer and constructor at Vietbuild Da Nang  with over 20-year experience in this field and a professional team of designers, construction engineers, and workers who are profoundly trained and careful with every detail in designing and constructing the exhibition stand. We are sure that you will be totally satisfied with our services. In addition, you can refer to the Vietbuild HCMCVietbuild Hanoi exhibition

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