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ITE HCMC exhibition

Each product has a separate honor exhibit. The travel industry also has its own ITE HCMC exhibition on the travel trade, which is dedicated to businesses operating in the tourism industry. So in order for your booth to stand out and attract at the exhibition, it is necessary to invest in the design and construction of ITE HCMC exhibition booth to have the most impressive booth.

Overview of the exhibition ITE HCMC

ITE HCMC is known as the largest and most prestigious International Trade Exhibition on Travel in Vietnam. It is held annually under the organizational direction of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

This is considered by businesses in the industry as a Travel exhibition to attend because this is an opportunity to exchange, promote and expand business cooperation in the tourism industry for domestic and foreign companies.

ITE HCMC is expected in the future to become the most powerful symbol, a springboard, strength and creativity for businesses in the Travel industry to have the opportunity to reach beyond the world market.

ITE HCMC and important information to know

4 important information about ITE HCMC

Event period: from September 7, 2023 to September 9, 2023

Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

Scale: The exhibition booth area is 8,880 m2, it is expected that in 2023 the Travel exhibition will attract more than 300 travel enterprises from 17 countries around the world, welcoming 150 guests. High-end goods from over 50 countries and regions come to visit. In addition, the exhibition will have more than 20,000 visitors within 3 days of ITE HCMC.

Organization form: Realizing the increasing demand of customers, the exhibition decided to organize with 2 forms: online and face-to-face, in order to connect international buyers and sellers.

Exhibitors at ITE HCMC

When coming to ITE HCMC, exhibitors will include businesses operating and doing business in the following fields:

  •         Accommodation establishments, hotels and resorts.
  •         Associations as well as research institutes in the tourism industry.
  •         Tourist attractions about amusement parks, museums, historical sites, and traditional craft villages in Vietnam.
  •         Enterprise in Education and Training specializing in Travel.
  •         The enterprise is engaged in the production and trading of products and services related to the tourism industry.
  •         The unit produces and sells typical product lines and specialties for each region across the country.
  •         Luxury Travel Business, offering Golf and Cruise Tours.
  •         Business in Medical tourism, health care services and Spas.
  •         National Tourism Organizations, agencies that promote and promote Tourism.
  •         Domestic carriers, airlines and other shipping units.
  •         Travel and tour companies.
  •         Finally, Technology is used in Travel.

ITE HCMC is full of leading enterprises in tourism production and business in Vietnam. Please attend to have the opportunity to interact and learn a lot of experiences from the largest enterprises in the country.

Top businesses attending at ITE HCMC

ITE HCMC is considered the most professional exhibition in Vietnam because it has the participation of a series of leading enterprises in the country such as: Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, Muong Thanh Company, and the Department of Tourism of HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Airport Company, Sun Group,… and many other enterprises in the industry.

In addition to the presence of domestic enterprises, at ITE HCMC there is also the participation of foreign enterprises in a number of countries such as Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, Laos, Korea, Myanmar, Netherlands, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

The tourism market opens after the Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry in Vietnam also faced many difficulties during the pandemic. But not because of that, the country’s tourism industry is in crisis. After the epidemic passed, the social situation stabilized, and the tourism industry recovered quickly and impressively.

Tourist destinations, and businesses operating in the industry continuously launch a series of attractive programs to stimulate market demand and attract customers both at home and abroad. The return of travel exhibitions such as ITE HCMC – promises to be the most explosive tourism industry fair of the year.

Facilitating and supporting development by the State, festival programs are held in all three regions of the North, Central and South. Leading to very strong growth numbers from domestic to foreign tourists. It is expected that in the next 5 years, Vietnam’s tourism market will grow stronger than before the pandemic.

How to have a beautiful exhibition booth at ITE HCMC

Many questions are raised for businesses who want to participate in ITE HCMC, one of which includes how to have a beautiful exhibition booth at the Travel exhibition, attracting visitors. To have that, your booth needs to meet the following 4 prerequisites:

    •         Brand imprint: This is to create a highlight for the booth so that when customers look at it, they will immediately recognize which booth this is and which business belongs to.
    •         High aesthetics: The exhibition booth of the enterprise needs to be designed impressively, attracting customers and eye-catching among hundreds of booths present at this exhibition. To achieve this, participating businesses should look for the most prestigious exhibition booth design unit.
    •         Reasonable layout: The exhibition layout should be arranged professionally, making the most of the booth space, and ensuring visitors can easily see the typical products and services of the booth.
    •         Looking for a reputable ITE HCMC booth design and construction unit: Need to cooperate with a reputable and quality unit in construction design, having a lot of experience in ITE HCMC exhibition booth design. To get impressive and beautiful exhibition booth designs in the eyes of attendees.

Booth design project completed by Gia Long at ITE HCMC

With this specialized exhibition on tourism, Gia Long has not had many opportunities to cooperate with businesses in the exhibition event. At the ITE HCMC exhibition event taking place in 2019, we designed and completed the Korean booth Seven Luck.

Exhibition events 2019:

Seven Luck booth was constructed by Gia Long

With more than 20 years of experience in the design and construction industry of exhibition booth contractor, with a team of professional staff, and skilled workers, skilled and careful in each stage. We are confident to fully meet the strictest criteria from customers. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately for consultation and a quote on the design and construction of ITE HCMC exhibition booth today!

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