Spending VND 55 billion on transforming the elephant-friendly tourism model in Dak Lak province

mô hình du lịch voi thân thiện

Buon Don Elephant Race is one of the main activities taking place at the 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023. Receiving the attention of the departments, the Dak Lak Province People’s Committee decided to support the transformation from the elephant-riding tourism model to the elephant-friendly tourism model in the province.

Goals of elephant-friendly tourism model transformation

The goal of this elephant-friendly tourism model transformation is to end all elephant riding. This helps to improve the welfare of domesticated elephants and aims to maintain and conserve domestic elephants in the Dak Lak province. The purpose of the project is to aim at the elephant-friendly tourism model in the Buon Don district and Lak district. The project is hoped to make a total replacement for elephant riding tourism. This is also the desire to help the elephant herd to receive the protection of the Government, take care of the domestic elephant herd, ensure full welfare as well as prolong the life of elephants.

mô hình du lịch voi thân thiện
Canceling elephant riding activities in the province after transforming the model of elephant-friendly tourism

Important information about the transformation

The expected time to carry out the project is from November 2022 to December 2026.

Locations of the elephant-friendly tourism model transformation in the Buon Don district will include: Yok Don National Park; Center for Elephant Conservation, Animal Rescue, and Forest Protection and Management; The travel companies operating in ​​the Buon Don district; Locations in the Lak district include: Forest Management Board of Lak Lake’s History, Culture, and Environment.

The total cost of this elephant-friendly tourism model transformation is VND 55 billion and 452 million.

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mô hình du lịch voi thân thiện

When the source of income from letting tourists ride elephants is lost, the owner of the elephants will be partially compensated for this elephant-friendly tourism model transformation. Initially, when carrying out the transformation of this elephant-friendly tourism model, the centers will receive technical support, and establish a number of cooperative zones to manage the transformation and operate this elephant-friendly tourism model. Not only that, but it is also necessary to organize educational lessons on the importance of elephants, so that people can raise their awareness of elephant conservation.

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