[Only for attached exhibition construction] Modern exhibition furniture rental – Competitive price

cho thuê thiết bị nội thất triển lãm

Depending on each fair or exhibition, businesses will need different furniture. The use of furniture rental services is considered the most optimal solution that businesses should choose.

Furniture rental service

The use of high-class furniture to decorate and arrange the space of the fair and exhibition booth is no longer strange to many customers. For such short events that take place only a few days a year, buying new furniture is not necessary. These spaces always require us to constantly innovate at a certain time. However, financial issues and many other objective factors do not always allow you to do that

Using furniture rental services brings high aesthetic value because interior products are always updated with the most modern trends and designs, as well as a solution to help businesses optimize costs, and be flexible and convenient in implementing fairs and exhibitions.

cho thuê thiết bị nội thất hội chợ

Gia Long Construction & Exhibition Company Limited with more than 20 years of experience in furniture rental service. We have a full range of furniture from domestic and foreign brands. Furniture rental products of Gia Long are always strictly censored before being delivered to customers to ensure the quality and reputation of the company.

Furniture, decoration materials for fairs and exhibitions

Furniture is the items inside the fair and exhibition booth. These items will bring useful functions and high aesthetics to the overall booth. Most of these are products that businesses use to decorate, there are items that are only used once at fairs and exhibitions. Therefore, it is not advisable to invest in products that are not used regularly, avoiding the situation of burying capital. The best option at this time is to use furniture rental services.

Here are the furniture, and decoration materials for decorating fairs and exhibitions booths for rent can refer to:

– Tables: bar table, glass table, white table, information desk,…

– Chairs: bar chairs, white chairs,…

– Showcase: glass showcases, lockers,…

– Brochures, glass shelves,…

– Hot/cold water machine.

– Carpet.

– Sofa: single sofa, double sofa,…

– Garbage can.

– Clothes hanger.

– Barriers

– Trees.

Why should businesses rent furniture in Gia Long?

– Cost saving, no maintenance and liquidation: For activities of participating in fairs and exhibitions, furniture is only used for a certain short period of time. And buying furniture will face many difficulties in financial matters as well as storage, preservation and liquidation.

– Active rental time: When using furniture rental service, you will easily choose short-term, long-term rental packages, package rentals, etc. retains ownership forever when needed.

– Flexible capital: renting furniture will be a solution to help investors reduce risks and save initial costs, focusing capital on business development activities of the company.

– Fast delivery: Because the goods are available, customers will be assured of the transportation, the products will be delivered on time as signed, ensuring smooth for your exhibitions and fairs.

– Being selected, constantly changing the concept: The furniture at the fair and exhibition booth always has many models and colors for customers to choose from. Convenient for businesses to change the display concept continuously.

Using rental equipment not only saves you a considerable amount of money but also helps protect the environment. Gia Long is a unit specializing in the supply and rental of furniture items to be used for fairs, exhibitions, events, conferences, and seminars,… We have provided for thousands of projects, large and small events in domestic and abroad. Highly appreciated by customers for the quality of equipment and prestigious and professional services. In addition, Gia Long is also an expert in exhibition booth designer in the industry.

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