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Livestock Vietnam 2024 is an exhibition that provides businesses with the opportunity to meet domestic and international partners in the livestock, animal feed, milk processing, and meat processing industries in the Vietnamese market. Entrepreneurs can explore new advancements in animal husbandry and connect with potential partners while gaining insights into market trends for the future.

Overview of Livestock Vietnam 2024 Exhibition

Following the success of Livestock Vietnam 2023, Livestock Vietnam Expo and Agri Vietnam Expo will combine forces to organize Livestock Vietnam 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City at the end of March. Despite being a new exhibition, Livestock Vietnam has proven to be a powerful platform for entrepreneurs to facilitate strong business growth. It fosters community connections within the livestock industry, promoting products in the Vietnamese market and expanding exports internationally.

Livestock Vietnam 2024 - Exhibition Stand Design and Construction
Livestock Vietnam 2024 – Exhibition Stand Design and Construction

Livestock Vietnam 2024 aims to create a trading environment, sharing knowledge and experiences in animal husbandry and processing. The exhibition and international workshop will attract entrepreneurs, businesses, experts, farmers, and those interested in the field of animal husbandry. Attendees will experience modern technologies showcased at Livestock Vietnam 2024, meeting the increasing demands for safety and quality standards in the current market.

Event Information

Date: March 27-29, 2024

Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

Exhibition Scale: Over 700 businesses are expected to participate in Livestock Vietnam 2024.

Exhibition Sectors:

  • Equipment for pig farming
  • Feed supply systems for pig and poultry farming
  • Data supply and related components for pig and poultry farming
  • Feed additives and ready-mix feed
  • Knowledge transfer in animal husbandry
  • Processing systems for pigs and poultry
  • Disease control for livestock and poultry
  • Veterinary products and pharmaceuticals in animal husbandry
  • Automated packaging systems
  • Milk extraction systems

These are key sectors that Livestock Vietnam 2024 will exhibit, providing opportunities for businesses and livestock experts to access advanced products and services in the industry.

Livestock Vietnam 2024 - Exhibition Stand Design and Construction
Livestock Vietnam 2024 – Exhibition Stand Design and Construction

Key Areas and Main Activities

Product and Service Exhibition Area: Businesses and suppliers can introduce the latest products, services, and technologies in animal husbandry to consumers and other businesses.

Expert Forum: Leading experts share information, knowledge, and experiences regarding trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry.

Trading Area: Businesses, entrepreneurs, and suppliers can explore collaboration opportunities, sign contracts, and enhance business relationships.

Workshops and Courses: These sessions provide detailed knowledge and experiences in livestock management, the use of new technologies, and addressing industry challenges faced by businesses or suppliers.

Why should livestock industry businesses attend Livestock Vietnam?

Access to the latest products and services in the livestock market: Livestock Vietnam 2024 provides an opportunity to discover and utilize new products and technologies in animal husbandry, fostering innovation in technology and progress in the industry. This potential can increase productivity, efficiency, quality, and effectiveness in livestock management.

Networking with leading businesses and experts in the industry: Connecting and interacting with high-profile businesses and experts in the field creates opportunities for collaboration and access to unique information and experiences from knowledgeable individuals in the livestock industry.

Enhancing knowledge and skills through workshops and forums.

Exhibition Stand Design and Construction
Exhibition Stand Design and Construction

Exhibition Stand Design and Construction by Gia Long

Livestock Vietnam is a specialized exhibition in livestock, animal feed, animal health, milk production, and meat processing in Vietnam. The exhibition is a significant opportunity for industry businesses to access potential customers such as distributors and wholesalers directly at the event. Businesses showcasing their products will also be updated on the latest industry trends. Invest in an impressive booth at the event to seize more opportunities at Livestock Vietnam 2024.

Gia Long, a professional and reputable exhibition booth contractor company, offers 20 years of experience in Livestock Vietnam booth construction. We promise to deliver the most impressive booth for your business. Contact us now for consultation and support.

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