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Vietfish exhition

Vietfish 2023 will return to the Vietnamese market on August 23, 2023. Known as the “Asian seafood house”, Vietnam Fisheries Exhibition is a worthy place for businesses in the industry to attend. Here, customers will have the opportunity to exchange trade cooperation and bring more value to their business. 

Why is it called Vietfish? When is Vietfish Exhibition held?

What is Vietfish?

Vietfish is also known as Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition, the largest exhibition event in Vietnam for specialized seafood. The exhibition is held annually by the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers. Vietfish is also a place to connect businesses in the industry, creating more opportunities for cooperation on a more professional scale.

Detailed information about Vietfish Exhibition

Time: take place from August 23, 2023 until the end of August 25, 2023.

Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

Organization scale: It is expected to be held with more than 350 booths, from more than 200 large and small businesses across 14 countries and territories.

Categories display at the exhibition:

  • Seafood: Displaying fresh seafood products such as shrimp, fish, squid, crabs, clams, … and many other aquatic products.
  • Machinery and equipment: VIETFISH will display processing equipment, refrigeration equipment, measuring equipment, and a variety of related machinery and equipment.
  • Aquaculture and other services: Display of additives, vaccines, chemicals, laboratories, and many related services. 

3 reasons why aquaculture enterprises must participate in the Vietfish exhibition

Vietfish Exhibition is a place to provide complete information and the latest achievements in each stage. Each time the Fisheries exhibition takes place, it is held on the largest scale in the industry. So what motivates seafood businesses to participate in this exhibition?

  • Vietfish is the leading prestigious and quality exhibition in the seafood industry.
  • The demand from customers in the seafood industry is gradually increasing, and the market in the industry has since become more and more exciting.
  • Attract potential customers to the exhibition booth thanks to the outstanding and impressive exhibition booth design.

As a specialized exhibition event on the seafood industry, everything that happens here is related to seafood from exchange stories, and product lines to the designs of Vietfish booths. Therefore, businesses in the seafood industry should participate in displaying products at seafood exhibitions.

Impressive booth selection at Vietfish 2023 exhibition

Once you have decided to participate in the specialized seafood exhibition, you should consider choosing an impressive Vietfish exhibition booth design unit that will attract customers. Thereby completing the quality booth, ensuring the best for the face of the business. Contributing to making the best impression through the selection of a reputable and beautiful booth construction unit in the market.

Having an impressive booth at the show is half the success of attending. An impressive design and a unique booth are both a highlight and more impressive in customers’ eyes than competitors attending.

Gia Long – Experienced Vietfish exhibition booth design unit

When choosing GIA LONG, we will support customers with the most dedicated advice, and support to edit 3D designs until you are satisfied. Gia Long has covered almost all major exhibitions held annually thanks to its prestige and quality.

Let’s take a look at the outstanding booths that Gia Long has made over the years:

Vietfish Exhibition in 2022:

  • Hoang Gia Lam’s booth was completed by Gia Long.
  • Hoang Long booth was designed and constructed by Gia Long.

Vietfish Exhibition 2018:

  • Co May booth is uniquely designed, creating a highlight at the event.
  • ABA cool trans booth with outstanding colors, creating a highlight at the Vietfish exhibition.

Vietfish Exhibition 2016:

  • Hung Ca booth with an eye-catching design was designed and completed by Gia Long.

GIA LONG is a professional unit in Vietfish Exhibition stand design company . With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are confident to bring to our customers the most impressive and unique Vietfish 2023 exhibition booth, attracting potential customers to be more interested in the booth. of the enterprise.

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