Smart home solutions at Vietbuild attract visitors

The smart home solutions at Vietbuild is a product line that attracts a lot of attention from customers attending. Vietbuild 2023 will take place 9 times in 3 big cities: Vietbuild Hanoi, Vietbuild Da Nang and Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh City.

The development of Vietbuild fair over the years

At each event, Vietbuild always welcomes thousands of new product lines, the most advanced technologies from many brands of enterprises in many countries around the world. At Vietbuild, in addition to household furniture products, housing construction materials, there are also technology products that bring the best solution for your home. In recent years, the smart home solutions at Vietbuild is in need of strong attraction to visitors.

Vietbuild 2023 is the most anticipated exhibition event of the year by construction industry enterprises. In the past year, more than 1,000 booths participated in each exhibition in 2022, attracting many visiting businesses and investors to attend. For each period, the smart home solutions at Vietbuild is always a product that customers, partners and investors want to have many new experiences and opportunities to expand the international market.

Since the first organization, Vietbuild 2023 has affirmed its position in the market of fairs and exhibitions for the construction industry, building materials, real estate and interior and exterior decoration. The proof is that every year Vietbuild takes place many times in all 3 regions of the country, at each time, there are always a lot of businesses attending

All product lines of the enterprise displayed through the prestigious exhibition stand design unit have new designs,, improved features and quality compared to traditional product lines. From there, it is possible to meet the increasing housing needs of customers. The smart home solutions at Vietbuild is currently the product that attracts the most attention from customers and businesses.

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Smart home solutions at Vietbuild

The potential of smart home solutions at Vietbuild

Currently is the era of modern technology, all products and services are applying advanced technologies, creating convenience for customers and the strong development of the country’s technology. Therefore, it is impossible to go behind the times, construction enterprises in Vietnam have also applied smart home solutions at Vietbuild to attract customers at Vietbuild.

At Vietbuild 2023 exhibition, there are also many rich activities to promote trade for new product lines, thereby meeting the needs of businesses, partners, investors and customers when there is a need. about home decoration.

Smart home solutions at Vietbuild attract visitors

Top smart home solutions to attract customers at Vietbuild

Currently, the Vietnamese market is tending to apply smart home solutions at Vietbuild for their homes. Vietbuild is currently the most prestigious event in the industry about displaying and introducing quality product lines of businesses on the market today. Currently, there are 5 smart home solutions that customers are most interested in here, including:

  • Smart lighting system: The top of the 5 smart home solutions at Vietbuild is the lighting system. This is the most preferred solution by users in the market today, at Vietbuild 2023 the smart lighting system is also displayed and introduced by many businesses here, giving customers a new look. about new technology. This smart system allows users to control the entire lighting system easily via smartphone and voice. However, on the market today, there are two types of systems that are smart switches and smart lights for customers to choose from.
  • Multi-layer security solution: Ranked second in the top of the most popular smart home solutions today, it is an anti-theft security solution. In fact, there are many families that have a security camera system installed for the house, but this is simply monitoring, not an anti-theft function. But for this new multi-layer security solution, your home will be completely protected against the intrusion of strangers.
  • Smart curtain solution: Curtains are indispensable for your home, in addition to shading, filtering dust, curtains also work as decorations for the interior of the house. Realizing the effect of fabric curtains, exhibitors at Vietbuild fair have provided customers with smart curtain motors that can be operated automatically on smartphones through touches, bringing comfort to the home. your.
  • Multi-regional audio solution: After experiencing social isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people have spent more time at home, the trend of searching for entertainment services has increased, so the demand for audio systems has increased. The multi-zone sound system has increased significantly. The most obvious manifestation is the smart home solution product that appeared at the Vietbuild Expo event in previous times.
  • Smart water heater solution: This is a very popular solution in the Northern region, especially during the hot period in winter. This is a system that allows users to control remotely, saving maximum time instead of having to heat water manually before.

With the development of society, the needs of human life have improved. Businesses at Vietbuild have noticed strong consumer demand, increasingly enhanced display products and services, attracting a large number of customers, partners and investors to attend, increasing opportunities for cooperation and opening market-wide.

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