[Only for attached exhibition construction] Low-cost TV and modern presentation equipment rental

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Low-cost TV rental service is currently very popular because of its convenience and variety of models. In addition to televisions, customers also have more options such as presentation equipment rental services. All to help customers optimize costs as much as possible.

Provide modern presentation equipment

TV rental and presentation equipment rental is a very popular service for customers in Gia Long, especially when choosing Gia Long as a contractor for the construction of fairs and exhibition booths. Each different fair, exhibition, or event, requires different props to match the concept, space and regulations of the place where the event takes place. Therefore, businesses should not invest in buying all the props that they lack, the most appropriate option is to rent televisions and projection equipment.

thiết bị trình chiếu

With over 20 years of experience in TV rental. We have a full range of presentation equipment from domestic and foreign brands, such as: LG, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC,….with a full range of sizes from 32 – 42 – 50 – 55 – 60 – 65 – 70 – 80 – 82 inches. All are in good used condition, with USB port, HDMI cable or HDMI port, TV cable, or project video and images via USB port. Bluetooth audio connection.

TV rental price, presentation equipment

Gia Long Construction & Exhibition Company Limited is a unit that provides presentation equipment rental solutions at extremely favorable prices. Includes devices such as:

– TV, including sizes: 32 inches (touch) – 42 inches – 50 inches – 55 inches – 60 inches – 65 inches – 70 inches – 80 inches – 82 inches – 85 inches.

– LED screen

– LCD screen

– Video wall

– Touch screen

– Information Kiosk

– Laptop (touch)

thiết bị trình chiếu

The rental of televisions or projection equipment will depend on the quantity, location, time and a number of other factors that have the most suitable price for customers. For customers who rent in large quantities and the installation site is located near the City Center, convenient for moving, the rental price will be much cheaper than fairs and exhibitions taking place in retail locations.

Transportation service, rental TV, presentation equipment

Customers using the construction service of exhibition booths of Gia Long Construction & Exhibition Compay Limited will be able to rent TV, and presentation equipment with preferential prices and free installation, free shipping. transfer. You will save the cost of not having to hire a transport car or outside worker for this service. All those preparations will be supported and supervised by Gia Long throughout the implementation process.

Using rental equipment not only saves you a considerable amount of money but also helps protect the environment, especially in the current state of e-waste being condemned. Gia Long’s TV rental products are always strictly censored before being delivered to customers to ensure the quality and reputation of the company.

You can completely trust the presentation equipment rental service that Gia Long provides. In addition, Gia Long is also a professional and prestigious exhibition stand contractor.

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