Top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam

Top các triển lãm nội thất uy tín tại Việt Nam

Trade fairs are the place for effective trade promotion activities for businesses. It is also a destination that connects global suppliers and local manufacturers to form partnerships. Here are the top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam that businesses should refer to choose the most suitable furniture exhibition for themselves.

Vietbuild – Exhibition of interior decoration, construction, real estate and building materials

Topping the list of top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam is Vietbuild exhibition – Exhibition of interior decoration, construction, real estate and building materials. Organized by Vietbuild International Exhibition Organization Company in collaboration with the City People’s Committee throughout the country, this is considered an event of national and international stature. Vietbuild is the most organized interior exhibition of the year (about 9 exhibitions in a year).

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Top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam - Vietbuild
Top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam – Vietbuild

Vietbuild 2023 Exhibition was held in three major cities spread across the country: Vietbuild Hanoi, Vietbuild Da Nang and Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh City. Owning a scale of 1500 booths from more than 360 domestic and foreign enterprises attended. With the frequency and scale of taking place, Vietbuild exhibition further affirms its prestige and professionalism when it is among the top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam. This is also considered the best opportunity for customers and partners to learn and shop for home decoration materials in the most suitable way.

Vietbuild 2023 Exhibition is also a place for businesses to connect information, promote brands and introduce products. Many big brands have accompanied Vietbuild over the years and are constantly developing and improving product designs and quality to bring comfort, class and modernity to homes and buildings. build.

Vifa Gu – Vietnam interior style exhibition

In the top furniture exhibitions, Vifa Gu – an interior exhibition about living space and interior style in Vietnam. Especially here, the focus is on direct interaction between businesses and visitors. The audience of the exhibition will not only be professionals, but also include a group of businessmen & intellectuals who have high requirements for aesthetics and quality when buying high-end furniture products such as the purchasing department for hotels, restaurants, real estate projects, offices, fashion, home furnishings, retail projects… or consumers who want to buy products, find suppliers, designers or style experts.

Top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam- Vifa Gu
Top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam- Vifa Gu

Vifa Gu is also an attractive destination for students, journalists, bloggers, youtubers, marketing experts, who love to learn, learn new things and help spread positive messages. in the community. Among the top furniture exhibitions, participating in Vifa Gu, visitors can also enjoy documentaries on many different topics such as: furniture, lighting, fashion, technology, business, manufacturing. etc. or short films introducing the latest trends, major exhibitions around the world and influential individuals in the music industry, etc.

Thanks to the strict curation from the experienced team of the Organizing Committee, the interior exhibition – Vifa Gu promises to become an attractive destination for exhibition visitors with the participation of architects, designers. talented, promising young designers, outstanding and influential individuals in shaping modern home decoration trends. With the diversity and comprehensiveness of being in the top furniture exhibitions, Vifa Gu strives to create a playground for traders, distributors and retailers… aiming to find opportunities for cooperation. work and develop.

Vifa Expo – Fair of interior decoration, furniture and handicrafts

Last in the list of the top furniture exhibitions  in Vietnam is Vifa Expo – The fair for the interior decoration, furniture and handicraft industry, which is held annually with the largest scale. Southeast Asia (Asean). This is the largest-scale exhibition of furniture, furniture and handicraft products in the industry. 

Vifa Expo 2023 was held in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in the South. With the participation of more than 600 domestic and foreign enterprises, over 2,500 booths participated in the exhibition with 45,000m2. The scale of Vifa Expo 2023 is expected to be the most explosive year ever. With the theme: “Discovering the quintessence of Vietnamese furniture and handicrafts”, businesses will bring diverse and latest products.

Top các triển lãm nội thất uy tín tại Việt Nam - Vifa Expo
Top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam – Vifa Expo

The categories displayed at Vifa Expo are as diverse as: wooden furniture, interior-exterior furniture (sofa, table, chair, bed, cabinet, shelf, kitchen, …) flowers, table lamps, blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions, drapes, curtains,..), handicrafts (lacquer, water hyacinth, rattan, ..), gifts, wood materials, machinery and accessories, etc. Products, services and solutions are always displayed in a neat, classy and lively manner to satisfy domestic and international buyers. Businesses want an impressive booth, they need to invest in booth design company

Above are the top furniture exhibitions in Vietnam that you should refer to to choose the most suitable for your business.

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