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 Plastic & Rubber Vietnam exhibition

Plastic & Rubber Vietnam also known as the International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition, is held annually in Vietnam. The exhibition received the participation of many famous businesses in the industry.

Introduction about Plastic & Rubber Vietnam

  • Plastic & Rubber Vietnam or the International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition is an exhibition about the Plastic and Rubber industry, which will display product lines, machinery, and equipment for the Plastic and Rubber industry of many brands. large international and regional scale.
  • The International Exhibition of Plastics and Rubber Industry is held annually in July every year in two major cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This is a specialized event that attracts a large number of domestic and foreign investment enterprises to attend.
  • The fair is organized to mark the strong development of the Plastic and Rubber industry at present. Every time the event is held, it always gives attendees great opportunities, approaching many businesses from inside to the North. The International Exhibition of Plastics and Rubber Industry each time it takes place is very large in scale, the conference brings together a large number of companies in the industry.

Detailed information about Plastic & Rubber Vietnam 2024

Taking place every year in Vietnam, the International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition has the participation of hundreds of exhibitors from many countries and territories around the world. Notably, there are 8 national pavilions from many economic powers in the world: Taiwan, Germany, Korea, Singapore, China, Qatar, Australia and Italy.

Event time

International Exhibition of Plastic and Rubber Industry will be held from March 13, 2024 to March 15, 2024

Location: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC)

Industry on display

The main industry groups exhibited at the Plastic & Rubber Vietnam exhibition are:

Design machinery and equipment for the Plastic and Rubber industry: Machinery, auxiliary equipment, machinery used in decoration and printing, components and spare parts, automation equipment, and welding machines.

Raw materials: Additive materials, glues, adhesive products, plastic fillers, plastic materials, and paints.

Components and components in plastic engineering: Recycled compounds, components, and products from plastic, components, and techniques.

General services, scientific research, and some other services.

Why should businesses participate in Plastic & Rubber Vietnam 2024?

  • The plastic industry has there strong development trend, typically in Vietnam in the period from 2010 to 2020, the plastic industry has a growth rate of 16% to – 18%/year, not only that, there are industries reaching 100%/year, second only to the Telecommunications and Textile industries.
  • Some of the major businesses in the industry are expected to continue to participate in the 2024 exhibition including Starlinger, Cyrus Technology, Woojin Plaimm Co., Ltd., Lohia Corp, Long Thanh Phat Engineering Co., Ltd., … and many more. other prominent enterprises at home and abroad. They are all familiar exhibitors at Plastic & Rubber Vietnam.
  • To be opportunities for exchange and cooperation as well as promote products closer to the business’s target customers.
  • Each organization will have its outstanding events from the past year, as well as an exchange program to share about industry development trends in the next year. There will be seminars and face-to-face or online exchanges throughout the exhibition period.
  • Integrating many seminar programs such as Technical seminars on new sustainable TPE solutions, Specialized seminars on challenges and solutions in business management and operation, Application simulation seminars Modern technology in the plastic industry.

The benefits for businesses when designing an eye-catching Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition booth

Here are some of the most outstanding benefits that business owners gain when having a booth at Plastic & Rubber Vietnam beautiful.

  • Attract many customers to come to the booth more, and from there the business’s products and services will be known to many people, and orders will increase, leading to increased revenue.
  • Increase opportunities for exchange and cooperation with many businesses in the industry. Finding partners becomes easier.
  • The image and brand of the business will create a deep impression in the hearts of customers as well as visitors when coming to the plastic and rubber industry exhibition.
  • When a booth has a beautiful design and reasonable layout, it will create sympathy with visitors, thereby making a difference with other stores in the minds of customers.

Not only that, at Plastic & Rubber Vietnam will be prizes for the booth that is voted as the one with the best investment with impressive design, large scale, and reported in the media and newspapers. This is an opportunity to help businesses promote their brands widely to the market.

Gia Long and a series of Vietnam Plastic & Rubber booth design projects

Every time an exhibition is held Plastic & Rubber Gia Long always accompanies businesses, creating the most outstanding, sturdy, and attractive exhibition booths at the exhibition. Let’s look back at some of the booths at the fair Plastic & Rubber Vietnam that Gia Long has implemented in recent years.

They are all large enterprises in the Plastic and Rubber industry, so to show off the scale of the business as well as product quality, businesses participating in the exhibition should seek and invest in an international Exhibition booth for the Plastic and Rubber industry Professional, attractive, and most impressive to maximize benefits when attending.

International Exhibition of Plastic and Rubber Industry 2022:

  • Gia Long Company designed and constructed the plastic and rubber exhibition booth for LOHIA CORP. With the smooth coordination and supervision of the Lohia Corp booth team, it was completed most smoothly and meticulously.

International Exhibition of Plastic and Rubber Industry 2019:

  • QATAR PAVILION booth was designed and completed by Gia Long, the booth has a bold Islamic style with many elaborate structures, details, and intricate decorative motifs.

Plastic & Rubber Vietnam fair booth design and construction company

The exhibition promises to bring visitors many opportunities to develop the plastics industry in domestic and international markets. The event is a destination for international suppliers and Vietnamese industry experts to cooperate and develop together. Therefore, businesses should look for a reputable booth contractor to impress customers.

Gia Long – Plastic & Rubber Vietnam exhibition booth design construction professional fair booths. With 20 years of experience in the profession and a team of professional employees, we are confident in bringing customers the most complete products. 

If you have questions or difficulties in owning an impressive exhibition booth design. Please contact us immediately for support and situational advice.


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