Huge organization scale of Vifa Expo 2023

quy mô hội chợ vifa expo

After 14 years of being present in the furniture market, Vifa Expo has increasingly shown its importance over the years. Coming to this 15th furniture fair, the scale of the Vifa Expo is expected to be the largest ever.

The organization scale of the Vifa expo is the largest ever

In Vietnam, you can easily search for furniture fairs such as: Vifa Home, Vifa Gu, Vietbuild, Vietnamwood & Furnitec but if it comes to the scale and seniority in this sector, it is definitely the Vifa Expo. This is considered the largest Furniture & Handicrafts fair in the country.

Vifa Expo is increasingly becoming a prestigious fair and exhibition that is loved by many investors, businesses, and visitors because of its diversity and quality products. The organization scale of the Vifa Expo in 2023 is expected to have more than 2,500 pavilions displaying products (2.6 times higher than them in 2022) and gathering more than 600 businesses (3.5 times higher than them in 2022) at home and abroad. The total exhibition area is 45,000m2 (3 times higher than it was in 2022). This is a good sign for the Vietnamese furniture market in the future.

Quy mô tổ chức hội chợ Vifa Expo 2023
Organization scale of Vifa Expo

 Not only that but this year Vifa Expo is also held twice in March and August of the solar calendar. With such an organization scale of Vifa Expo, it proves that the domestic production market is reaching its peak and it is ready for export, providing the international market with big orders. Vietnam is known as a “Bright Star” in the furniture manufacturing and exporting industry in the world, accounting for 6% of the global market share, with major markets such as: USA, EU, Japan, China, and Korea, .. and new potential markets such as Canada, Russia, India,…

New opportunity for small and medium enterprises

The concentration of all businesses participating in the Vifa expo is an extremely good opportunity for small and medium enterprises to expand their potential and reach target customers. With the largest organization scale of Vifa Expo ever, it will help shorten the gap between large and small enterprises. Bringing many opportunities to meet face-to-face, thereby having the opportunity to do business, and find quality agents and investors.

In the period of 2022 – 2030, Vietnam’s wood sector aims to develop a sustainable and effective wood processing industry. The goal is to achieve a total export value of USD 25 billion by 2030, reaching out and becoming a spearhead economic sector of the country. Vietnamese wood products strive to build a prestigious brand in the international market, gradually becoming a leading exporter and producer of wood in the world.

Cơ hội cho các doanh nghiệp vừa và nhỏ
Huge organization scale of Vifa Expo 2023

Opportunities always come to enterprises that know how to grasp and appreciate them. Especially with the scale of the Vifa Expo organization and the current situation of Vietnam’s wood market development. Enterprises participating in the Vifa Expo should prepare a standard booth design company. Gia Long is confident to be a long-time Vifa Expo exhibition stand design, with successes and results achieved in 20 years. We will bring you the most satisfying Vifa Expo pavilion designs.

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