Outstanding activities taking place at vifa expo 2023

Các hoạt động nổi bật diễn ra tại hội chợ vifa expo 2023

At the furniture fair, what delights visitors is not only the latest products on display but also the activities at vifa expo. Activities at vifa expo bring a lot of value in the future for the development of their company and business.

Main activities taking place at Vifa Expo

Activities at Vifa Expo are mentioned as an integral part of every fair. In order to give visitors the best experience, the Organization Board has carefully prepared the visuals and audio through the activities at vifa expo as follows:

Opening ceremony of the Exhibition

The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held first, and opening the next exhibition days that will be smooth and convenient. Here, visitors and businesses will listen to the sharing of Vice President of HAWA – Mr. Phung Quoc Man about the market information of the furniture sector in the near future as well as disseminate the rules and topics of the fair this year.

khai mạc hội chợ vifa expo
Opening ceremony of the Exhibition – Activities at vifa expo

Seminars only for enterprises

Enterprises, investors, and visitors who have registered to participate in advance will be able to attend a symposium on raw materials, and digital applications in export trade. Held with the participation of experts, associations, and enterprises in the furniture sector. Create opportunities for parties to exchange and update information on production, market…

Normally there will be at least two seminars in an exhibition event, but for Vifa Expo 2023. The scale of this year’s organization is extremely large, so it is expected that there will be at least three seminars or more to meet the needs of enterprises to learn and update trends in the furniture sector.

Meet and discuss directly with leading experts

Nowhere can enterprises meet more leading experts in the field of furniture than at the Vifa Expo. The return of the International Furniture and Handicraft Fair 2023 is expected to open a new door for export enterprises to meet and exchange with partners and buyers from many countries and regions. From there, the two parties can update trends, market needs and establish cooperation relationships and sign export orders in the near future.

Exhibition of products for sale, trade promotion

In recent years, the appearance of the Vifa Expo furniture fair has made a great contribution to the exchange and trade promotion of the Vietnam furniture market. It is recorded that after each fair, production and export orders increased significantly. Since then, activities at vifa expo are expected to continue to be the destination of many investors and qualified buyers. Bringing Vietnam’s wooden products to the world with high export value.

Benefits that enterprises should not ignore when participating in Vifa Expo

With many activities at vifa expo that enterprises can participate in. So what are the benefits that enterprises will receive?

Boom in sales: This is the main purpose that enterprises participating in Vifa Expo wish for. After more than two years of continuous pandemic and economic downturn, this is the most suitable opportunity for enterprises to recover their economic activities and speed up their production and sales process.

– Opportunity to connect and trade: Vifa Expo 2023 will bring together many thematic partners and specialized experts of the exhibition. Activities at vifa expo are a place to connect many different potential enterprises, and easily exchange contact information for each other to expand relationships in the near future. With the construction of a beautiful and impressive exhibition booth designing, it will attract a large number of participants.

Benefits that enterprises should not ignore when participating in Vifa Expo
Benefits that enterprises should not ignore when participating in Vifa Expo

– Improvement of brand recognition: The presence of enterprises in the largest furniture exhibition in Vietnam not only gives you the opportunity to approach new potential customers but also helps your enterprise appear more on the map of the furniture sector. As a result, customers easily remember and recognize your brand more.

Learning about competitors: Having a clear understanding of what your competitors are doing will help your enterprise know what the most effective solution is. From there, come up with the best strategy for your enterprise.

– Update of the latest trends: Having the opportunity to learn, learn more knowledge, and new experience in the sector. Updating the new products and usage trends of the furniture sector.

With the activities at vifa expo and the benefits that enterprises receive when participating in the exhibition stand builders. This deserves to be a furniture fair that enterprises should not miss in 2023.

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