Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Exhibition – Destination of World Coffee

Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Exhibition

Buon Ma Thuot coffee has become a feature of the Central Highlands for a long time, it is known as the coffee capital of Vietnam. Known as a land with many ethnic groups living, famous for the Gong Culture, which converges the quintessence of heaven and earth with many historical landmarks and indigenous cultural identities here.

Buon Ma Thuot – A sacred land of the Central Highlands

Buon Ma Thuot is an important land of Dak Lak province in particular and the Central Highlands in general. This place contains many long-standing national identities and diverse landscapes, intangible cultural values ​​and traditional cultural products of the sunny and windy land.

Văn hóa cồng chiêng Tây Nguyên

Based on many archeological documents, more than 4000 years ago in Buon Ma Thuot, there were life traces of prehistoric people. This place is the origin of the Ede, M’nong, and Gia Rai people. Owning many diverse and unique landscapes, formed by layers of plateaus stacked together, most of the area is fertile basaltic red soil created by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. suitable land to create delicious Buon Ma Thuot Coffee. The wild beauty of Buon Ma Thuot is like a gift from nature.

Favored by nature, this place still retains its inherent wildness. Buon Ma Thuot is the native place of more than 44 ethnic groups, and the identity of ethnic groups in this land is diverse and rich. Living in the age of technology, the people here always keep the traditional products and villages, unique customs and habits such as: Brocade weaving, sculpting, knitting craft villages, festivals praying for rain, praying for seasons, … Not only that, but this place also retains Buon Ma Thuot Coffee with the most characteristic flavor over each period.

Whenever talking about the Central Highlands, people always remember the Central Highlands Gong Culture – recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage that needs to be preserved and protected by humanity. The epics are played, mixed with the sound of gongs echoing the mountains and forests, the space seems to be more sacred, connecting the people here closer together. Experiencing many ups and downs in the history of gongs in the Central Highlands, they still follow the people of Buon Ma Thuot to nurture their souls from birth until they return to their motherland.

Buon Ma Thuot – Origin of Happiness and Wisdom

Buon Ma Thuot appears in the memory of everyone who has come here, it is a large field with a vast coffee garden, white coffee flowers for a whole season, the scent of pure passionate flowers, and ripe coffee fruits. bright red berries.

Coffee is a plant that has been discovered since the early years of the 9th century, since then, coffee beans have been classified as a popular drink and used globally. In the world, there are many lands that grow different famous coffee flavors, but especially, only Robusta coffee beans grown in Buon Ma Thuot have the premium quality that is considered delicious coffee. best of the world.

In order to honor the value of coffee and the people who have cultivated them day and night, the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival was held every 2 years in Buon Ma Thuot. Various programs are organized, attracting attendees to learn and know more about Coffee here. Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Exhibition is also held here, displaying coffee-related products, creating favorable conditions for coffee enterprises in Buon Ma Thuot to have the opportunity to exchange, cooperate and expand their scale in the world.

The reason that Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Fair was held in Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival is that this is a practical activity, bringing opportunities and development to the coffee business, as well as promoting images and finished products from coffee more widely to visitors.

Coffee has changed the lives of the people here, helping people have happy and prosperous life. God gives precious trees so they cherish and take care of them. The projects in Buon Ma Thuot all have distinct philosophical meanings, built on historical stories that bring harmony between nature and people such as the Coffee World Museum – a place that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Exhibition

It is held every 2 years within the framework of Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival. As the most sought-after event in the Coffee sector, the Festival that was last held in March 2019 was scheduled to be periodically reorganized in 2021 but was postponed due to the impact of Covid-19. Until 2023, Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival will be re-held after 4 years of delay.

This year is expected to have a large participation of large enterprises in the sector. With the theme “Buon Ma Thuot Coffee – Steady integration” with the hope that Buon Ma Thuot Coffee will become a coffee destination in the world. 

Coming to the Fair, enterprises always wish to create a highlight and attract customers. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in finding a unique and attractive exhibition booth construction unit and experienced staff. construction workers in the construction of large trade fair pavilions.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of standbooth and exhibition pavilion construction. GIA LONG is self-confident to be the most professional exhibition pavilion design and construction partner in this year’s Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Fair. We have a separate team in the construction of exhibition pavilions, who are well-trained in skills in each stage of implementation.

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