Vifa Expo 2023 – Design and construction of Vifa expo fair booths

Vifa Expo will officially return to the light on March 08, 2023. This is a good opportunity to promote the woodwork and handicraft business in Vietnam. This is the reason why every exhibitor wants to have their own outstanding stand at Vifa Expo to draw the visitors’ attention.

What is Vifa Expo? Information about Vifa Expo 2023

What is Vifa Expo?

The Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair – Vifa Expo – is the biggest international furniture and handicraft fair in Vietnam and one of the biggest furniture fairs in South-East Asia. This is the annual largest-scale event gathering company in the wood furniture, interior decoration, and handicraft industry.

Information about Vifa Expo 2023 

  • Time: The first time takes place over 4 days from 8th to 11th March 2023.
  • The second one takes place in late August 2023
  • Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)
  • The scale of the event: Vifa Expo gathers about 600 Vietnamese and foreign exhibitors, including over 2500 fair booths covering the square of 45.000m2. Vifa Expo 2023 will be the biggest ever with the theme of discovering the essence of Vietnamese woodwork and handicrafts, being a great occasion for enterprises to show off their best products and services.

The exhibited ranges of products at Vifa Expo 2023

  • Woodworks, interior and exterior furniture such as: sofas, tables, chairs, cupboards, shelf…
  • Ornaments: paintings, flower vases, table lamps, curtains…
  • Handicrafts: lacquer wares, rattan wares…
  • Presents, wooden materials, machinery and accessories…

Aiming for satisfying domestic and foreign buyers, all the products, services, and measures will be displayed carefully, elegantly, and lively.

Why should the companies in the wood furniture industry attend this event?

Vifa Expo 2023 is the place where Vietnam’s leading manufacturers gather to directly connect, communicate and exchange experiences with each other. After 2 years due to the impact of covid 19, the wood furniture and handicraft fair is expected to come back with the biggest scale ever.

Due to the purpose of recovering the economy and promoting the national and international business of the wood industry, in addition, the development of the real estate market is increasing the demand for spending. As a result, the wood furniture market is also developing.

Having an impressive and outstanding fair booth design at Vifa Expo 2023 is very crucial because it not only helps the companies increase their sales but also is a good chance to approach potential customers and strategic business partners. Here, you will meet the right kind of target customers, the only thing you should do is design an attractive fair booth for your company.

VIFA 2023, choosing the best fair booth designer and contractor.

At Vifa Expo 2023, you will meet a lot of companies belonging to the same business sector, and definitely, your rivals will also be here. This is the reason why selecting a fair booth design company is very important. An impressive booth will help your company draw the l attention of customers and business partners.

Besides that, a fair booth is not only the place for exhibiting products, but it also is the representative face of the company. Your investment in having a meticulous fair booth will indicate your company’s professionalism, hence creating a better image of your company with customers and partners.

The benefits of having an outstanding fair booth at VIFA 2023.

  • Making the difference, the dominance among other fair booths.
  • Attracting more customers and partners’ attention.
  • Indicating the carefulness and professionalism of your company.
  • Increasing your confidence compared to rivals
  • With the eye-catching and unique design of your fair booth, your company’s images are able to appear in famous magazines specialized in the wood industry. 

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Gia Long and the prominent projects of designing fair booths at 

Gia Long is not only the design company, but it is also the fair booth constructor at Vifa Expo. Choosing Gia Long as yours. Company’s fair booth designer and constructor, you will benefit from the free 3D design drawing until you are completely satisfied. It is not hard to find the fair booths designed and constructed by Gia Long.

With over 20-year experience in designing and constructing fair booths,  Gia Long is honored to be a reliable partner of many leading domestic and foreign companies such as: Huyhoang, Pandora, Cavani, Jinko Solar, Guangxi Investment Group, Vietceramics, Kocom, VSIP, Sakura Filtration Product,…. 


  • Designing and constructing the Fine Scandinavia booth: with the concept of modern and young style, this is one of the most popular styles of interior decoration and most selected by lots of families. Focusing on embellishment features and interior furniture that is both simple and fully functioning is the main characteristic of this style. 
  • Designing and constructing the MODO LIVING booth: Gia Long has created this booth based on the North-European style. It is not only impressive with its elegance and modern beauty, but it also shows a great harmony of colors. The main color tones of the North-European style are bright white, brown, and light pink, combined with interior accessories, which helps to beautify your living space.
  • The Scancom booth: with the minimalist style and the natural color of wood, this booth is judged to be the most magnificent in the display area. The combination of decorating plants and the yellow light chains has brought the feeling of being comfortable and close to nature. Maximally taking advantage of wood materials, the booth is the spirit of the event.
  • The Eurofar booth was designed and built by Gia Long
  • The event booth of Ngan Thinh Phat Co.Ltd was implemented by Gia Long.
  • The fair booth of Interlink Sync. was accomplished by Gia Long.

Vifa Expo 2019

  •  Casanha Home selected Gia Long to be the fair booth designer and contractor
  • The Vietceramics booth was constructed by Gia Long.

Vifa Expo2018

  • The Vangarz booth was constructed by Gia Long
  • The Eurofar booth was accomplished by Gia Long
  • The Detchun event booth was implemented by Gia Long.
  • The  Kidmaster promotion booth was constructed by Gia Long
  • The fair booth of Vietnam Wilsons Hill Sync. was designed and constructed by Gia Long.

Vifa Expo 2017

  • The Modo Living exhibition booth was constructed by Gia Long
  • The Vangarz fair booth was implemented by Gia Long
  • The Eurofar advertising booth was designed and constructed by Gia Long

With remarkable over 20-year experience in fair booth design and construction, the professional familiar contractor at Vifa Expo and having the professional team of designers, engineers, and workers, Gia Long is highly confident that your fair booth will be unique and one of the most eye-catching at the Vietnam woodworks and handicrafts fair.

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