Notes when participating in Vifa Expo for visitors

Những lưu ý khi tham gia Vifa Expo 2023 dành cho khách tham quan

In addition to the meticulous preparation of enterprises at the exhibition, visitors also need to take notes when notes when participating in Vifa Expo. Here are some notes when participating in Vifa Expo that visitors should know.

Notes when participating in Vifa Expo for visitors

Identify the right fair to visit

Determination of the right specialty of the fair you are going to visit will give customers the benefits and achieve the goals you originally set out. If you go to the right place, you will definitely find what you need. It’s the first basic step that many people often ignore. For reasons such as not carefully understanding the information, visitors have to spend a lot of time and effort such as going to the wrong date, going to the wrong place, and looking at the wrong calendar of the old year, … Therefore, determining the right fair to visit is very necessary.

Bring only the necessary items

Notes when participating in Vifa Expo that you may ignore is that visitors should only bring necessary, small, and compact personal items. Avoid bringing bulky items and goods when visiting the exhibition. In case there is no locker or security guard, do not bring too many things into the exhibition area. Bringing the necessary, small and compact items will help customers to visit comfortably without worrying about keeping or losing things. From there, visitors can easily admire the products and exchange information with employees and businesses at the fair.

Make a list of products and utilities that you need to find

Notes when participating in the next Vifa Expo, visitors should pay attention to note the products, services and solutions that they are looking for. So that when you come to the exhibition, you can zone and identify the products that are really needed. Avoid being distracted, learn about new products and forget what the product you need is. Make you not achieve the right target when participating in the exhibition.

Visit all the stalls

Many visitors have a habit of surfing and accidentally miss many stalls with beautiful, cheap and quality products. Notes when participating in Vifa Expo that you should visit slowly, eeing all the booths will help you have the most overview of the stall images through reputable exhibition booth constructors units, as well as this year’s new products of this year. From there, you will easily grasp and choose the right product for you, avoiding missing out on quality stalls.

Notes when participating in Vifa Expo 2023
Notes when participating in Vifa Expo 2023

Ask for the contact information of the suppliers that will be needed in the future

Most trade fair exhibitions like Vifa Expo will only take place within 3 days including opening and closing. Therefore, when visiting the booths with products that you are impressed and interested in, remember to save the contact information of that business or company. So that when needed, you can easily contact and exchange information. Save time searching for units that have the products you need in the future. But sometimes when you see you skip it when you need it, you can’t find it.

Regulations for exhibition visitors

In addition to the specific regulations for businesses participating in the display of products at the exhibition. Visitors also have the following notes when participating in Vifa Expo:

– Do not bring food or drink into the exhibition area

– Pets are not allowed to enter the exhibition (unless permitted by the Organization Board).

– Do not use wheeled vehicles such as skateboards, bikes, segways, or skates,…

– Smoking is not allowed in the exhibition area

– Alcohol and drugs are not allowed at the exhibition

– Do not use weapons, explosives, or flares,…

– Photography is not allowed at the exhibition

– Do not wear slippers or short pants.

Quy định và lưu ý khi tham gia Vifa Expo dành cho khách tham quan

Who is allowed to participate in the exhibition?

The exhibition is only open to business and business visitors in relevant sectors. Notes when participating in Vifa Expo, minors or unrelated subjects will not be allowed to enter. The Organization Board reserves the right to refuse entry for invalid cases without giving reasons.

Usually, at events at fairs and exhibitions that last for many days, the customers who participate on the first day must be those who have invitations. From the second day onwards, it is the turn of visitors to freely enter. But depending on the different fairs and exhibitions, there will be different regulations set forth by the Organization Board. Above are the notes when participating in Vifa Expo that visitors should know to have a successful exhibition session, in line with the set goals. In addition, visitors should not miss the opportunity to admire the impressive Exhibition stand builders

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