Secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo 2023

Bí quyết thiết kế gian hàng Vifa Expo 2023 cực kỳ thu hút

Vifa Expo is the convergence place of brands and brands nationwide in the field of furniture, furniture, and handicrafts in Vietnam. Here, the exhibition pavilion designs always attract the attention of customers as well as partners. So what is the secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo that attracts visitors to the exhibition?

Why design Vifa Expo pavilions?

Vifa Expo is a place that enterprises use as a platform to introduce their products, services, and brands to customers. Among thousands of enterprises in similar industries, to attract customers to visit, enterprises must have the secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo pavilion unique and bold, otherwise, it will make customers get bored and flip through your pavilion quickly.

Participating in Vifa Expo opens many opportunities for cooperation, development and sales promotion. Therefore, enterprises must design Vifa Expo pavilions so that they stand out and attract visitors. Vifa Expo pavilion is not only a temporary image at the exhibition event but also the face of your brand and enterprise. The attractive design of the Vifa Expo pavilion will make a strong impression in the eyes of visitors. From there, strengthen the brand image and have the opportunity to explode in sales.

secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo 2023
Secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo 2023

It is not only necessary to have the secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo, but also to commit to and follow the regulations and themes that the Organization Board has proposed to ensure overall consistency for the whole fair. Therefore, the construction of a pavilion when participating in the exhibition is very important.

Secret in designing an attractive Vifa Expo pavilion

In order to obtain the secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo, we have spent many years in the field of design and construction of fair pavilions. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, here are the secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo that Gia Long wishes to share specifically with enterprises that are about to participate in the fair.

Selection of a beautiful pavilion location

Location of beautiful pavilions at trade fairs and exhibitions that are considered beautiful will be in visible locations and many visitors come and go such as:

The location pavilion is right at the main door or the entrance.

– The location of the stall is right in the center.

– Location of the pavilion near the event stage.

– Location of the pavilion is located on the main road, a large road.

– The location of the front pavilion is convenient for visitors to see from afar.

A note when fair booth design is that businesses should avoid areas in alleys,, at the end of the street, narrow locations, and close to the building walls. Because these are locations that are difficult for visitors to see and lack light compared to the central area. Selection of the wrong location will cause many disadvantages for your enterprise when participating in exhibitions.

Design of message, prominent brand name

Messages and brand names are the first images customers will see and approach your exhibition pavilion. Therefore, the message and brand name must be designed appropriately and prominently at the pavilion. The secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo is that the message (key message) and brand name must be large enough, concise and placed in a high position at the viewer’s eye level so that customers can easily see it from a distance, easy to see when approaching the pavilion. 

Secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo 2023
Secret in designing the pavilions at Vifa Expo 2023

Exhibition of products in a clear layout

Many enterprises do not really understand how to arrange products on display at the pavilion. Since then, making the exhibition pavilion become confusing and cramped. The secret in designing pavilions at Vifa Expo lies in displaying products in a clear layout, from low to high, from small to large, and from light to dark.  With this layout, customers will easily see your products. On the other hand, the product is also more prominent through the presentation.

You also need to pay attention and set up the lighting to suit each product of the brand. Note: avoid cramming too many things in a cramped pavilion. It is both confusing and cramped, making visitors not want to enter your pavilion.

Synchronization of the designs of the brand

Many enterprises, because they want their brand to be outstanding, forget to synchronize the brand design, causing confusion and difficulty in imprinting in the minds of visitors. A secret in designing pavilions at Vifa Expo that you should remember is that the pavilion design, wall images, flyers, and brand logos,…have a unified theme and color.

Image. synchronization will help customers remember your brand and products longer.

Above are the secret in designing pavilions at Vifa Expo that enterprises should refer to. In addition, to have a beautiful pavilion at Vifa Expo, enterprises need to choose for themselves a reputable Exhibition booth design company
 designer and contractor.

Gia Long Construction And Exhibition Company Limited are self-confident to be the unit that designs and constructs the package Vifa Expo pavilions. Ensure the pavilion meets the standards with a team of staff closely monitoring each stage. Will definitely give customers an extremely attractive and impressive pavilion at Vifa Expo.

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