Vietnam Int’l Cafe Show – How to design Cafe Show 2024 booths to create an attraction

Cafe Show exhibition

Cafe Show – Vietnam Int’l Cafe Show is one of the largest coffee exhibition chains in Asia for the beverage industry. Here, it is not difficult for you to come across extremely attractive and eye-catching Cafe Show booth designs.

The Origin of the Cafe Show

First launched in 2002 in Seoul, the exhibition gained a lot of buzzes and was recognized as “Asia’s No. 1 Coffee Event”. Seoul Int’l Cafe Show that day was only held for the first time but attracted more than 580 participating businesses from 40 countries and 151,000 visitors from 76 large and small countries around the world.

Thanks to the influence and success of this first organization, the Cafe Show has been expanded in scale and scope to neighboring countries in 2013. Currently, besides Seoul, Vietnam, Beijing, and Shanghai Hai was also chosen as the venue for the exhibition.

Why Call It Cafe Show?

Café is the French word for coffee and bake in the food and beverage industry. Cafe Show Vietnam is not only about the coffee industry but also the ecosystem of the whole F&B industry, including tea, beverages, cakes, food ingredients, franchise system, retail system, equipment kitchen equipment used in chain stores, restaurants, hotels, resorts, services, technology, and utility payment solutions, etc.

Details of the Vietnam Int’l Cafe Show 2024

Time: Taking place from May 9, 2024 to May 11, 2024

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)

The estimated scale of the exhibition: With the participation of more than 300 domestic and foreign enterprises, 400 booths participated in the exhibition with the attraction of 20,000 visitors. It is the convergence of more than 100 coffee brands from different countries appearing in Vietnam. This is a series of commercial Cafe Show exhibitions about coffee organized by Exporum of Korea.

The categories of the international Cafe Show

– Raw materials

– Machines and equipment

– Coffee

– Tea

– Cake

– Cream

– Chocolate

– Desserts

– Appetizer

– Vocational training center for coffee making, franchising, and entrepreneurship…

Featured Enterprises, Annual Event Time

The International Cafe Show is held once a year and usually does not have a fixed time period. First launched in 2002 in Seoul, Cafe Show gained a lot of buzzes and was recognized as “Asia’s No.1 Coffee Event”. Thanks to the influence and success of this first event, the Cafe Show was expanded in size and scope to neighboring countries in 2013.

Previously, Vietnam was the representative of Cafe Show 2019 with more than 28,000 visitors, and 234 exhibition booths from 16 countries and regions. In addition, this is also the first year that Vietnam organizes the Vietnam National Barista & Latte Art Championship blending contest by Exporum Vietnam Company and is also the only unit recognized by WCE (World Coffee Events).

At Cafe Show 2022, many well-known enterprises in the industry appeared with outstanding booth designs such as Dalat Milk, Starbucks, Ipos, Intimex, KIO Vietnam, LAMVITA, Sieuthicafe, Cubes, Stonevillage Lab & Education Vietnam, …Through the construction of the impressive exhibition booth design that we want to create for our customers

It is expected that Cafe Show 2024 will continue to have the presence of a large number of old members in Cafe Show 2023 and many new brands from around the world. The Vietnamese coffee market in particular and the F&B industry in general are developing more than ever. The appearance of the Cafe Show exhibition further affirms Vietnam’s position on the world race track. Certainly, in the future, the Vietnamese beverage industry will develop even more strongly.

Gia Long and a series of Cafe Show Exhibition Booth Construction Projects

Gia Long is proud to be the most prestigious and professional Cafe Show booths construction unit today. It is not difficult for customers to see the exhibition booths made by Gia Long at fairs and exhibitions large and small. Please refer to the design and construction of the Cafe Show booths below:

Cafe Show events in 2022:

+ IPOS exhibition booth with a soft rounded design, creating a comfortable feeling for customers to visit, constructed by Gia Long 

+ INTTIMEX exhibition booth is designed simply but powerfully with flexible lines completed by Gia Long.

Cafe Show events in 2018:

+ Taiwan exhibition booth designed and constructed by Gia Long.

+ IPOS event booth made by Gian Long.

+ Exhibition booth Trung Nguyen E – Coffee constructed by Gia Long.

Cafe Show events in 2016:

+ DaVinci exhibition booth is made by Gia Long.

+ Vovos advertising booth constructed by Gia Long.

+ Greeda brand trusts to choose Gia Long as a construction unit with a unique 2-story design. 

Prestigious Cafe Show Booths Design and Construction Company

Construction of the Cafe Show booths is a process to create a quality exhibition booth, we always focus on all stages of preparation and construction. Thereby creating the most trust and credibility for customers.

To gain that trust and entrustment, Gia Long Construction & Exhibition Company Limited always put prestige and quality on top to bring customers the most satisfied products and services possible. With many years of experience in exhibition stand builders, Gia Long is confident to be a reliable partner for your business.

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