Add new activities for Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023

activities at Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 

According to the information from the Organization Board of Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023, this year, there will be more new activities taking place within the framework of the festival, which is a Contest for making fine art products from coffee and the Vietnam National Barista Championship.

Vietnam National Barista Championship

On November 2, there was an official document for the organization of the contest “Vietnam National Barista Championship 2023” at the activities at Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023. The contest was held throughout from March 10 to March 13, 2023, in Buon Ma Thuot City.

This is considered an activity to find excellent talents in the bartending sector. Besides, this activity is an event that contributes to honoring and promoting the image of activities at Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2023 to everyone.

các hoạt động ở lễ hội cà phê Buôn Ma Thuột

As a program that supports and motivates bartenders to practice to improve their skills and accumulate many skills and creativity in bartending. The contest is also a springboard and an opportunity for bartenders to create the best coffee-based drinks to meet the enjoyment needs of consumers.

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Contest for making fine art products from coffee

At the festival in 2023, there will also be a “Contest for making fine art products from coffee“. This is a contest that facilitates multi-talented artisans in the profession to have the opportunity to exchange, learn and share their own experiences with younger juniors who are less experienced in making fine art products from Buon Ma Thuot coffee.

This is also an opportunity and a place to find talented artisans in making handicrafts. In addition, introduce visitors to this industry more, through products to better understand the cultural life of the highland people.

các hoạt động ở lễ hội cà phê Buôn Ma Thuột

The contest also contributes significantly to the propaganda of national culture and improving the value of Buon Ma Thuot coffee, besides the seeds, the trunk and roots of old coffees may also be used after the cultivation life is over. Create more income for farmers and artisans by making the most of the coffee.

 The organization of this contest makes the atmosphere of the festival more joyful, the program is rich and diverse to attract visitors, and the products are depicted richly. In addition, at the coffee fair, businesses also invested in exhibition booth designing to create more success for activities at the 2023 Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival.

 Along with the new programs at Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, the former activities are still taking place there and with a direction of development on a larger scale. Typically, Buon Ma Thuot coffee fair, is a highly anticipated activity, with the participation of leading enterprises in the sector, exhibiting the latest products from Coffee, giving visitors a diverse, fresh and attractive experience.

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