Attending the Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia 2023

Attending the Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia 2023

The Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia is the 5th International Exhibition and Conference in the fields of Aesthetics, Beauty, Cosmetics, Hair, Nails, and Spa in Cambodia. It is where leading businesses in the region come together to participate. Come and experience it.

Introduction to the Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia Event

In its 5th edition, the exhibition will serve as an exclusive platform for businesses in the beauty industry to participate. Organized by VEAS Co., Ltd., it showcases over 100 brands and various product and service lines from multiple countries in the region, such as South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, and many others.

At the Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia, businesses and organizations will display the latest products and cutting-edge technologies in the cosmetics industry, as well as functional food products for consumers.

Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia
Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia

This event is not only a showcase but also a place for manufacturers and beauty enthusiasts to introduce their products, discover new knowledge, and share experiences with customers and partners at the exhibition. Additionally, the exhibition will feature numerous experts in the field who will share their knowledge and provide guidance for a more comprehensive understanding of beauty and the most effective beauty care methods.

Exhibition Information

Date: September 20th – 22nd, 2023

Location: Koh Pich Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Highlighted Activities at the Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia

Taking place within the framework of the Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia exhibition are some key programs, including:

    • B2B Networking Activities: This is a dedicated space where domestic and international businesses and organizations can connect directly, seek opportunities from distributors, and expand their cooperative relationships right at their exhibition booths.
    • Workshops on Current Hot Topics: Shared by experts and leading speakers in the beauty industry, these workshops provide attendees with the latest information, helping them stay updated on the quickest technology transfers and the newest beauty market trends in Cambodia.
    • Demonstrations by Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists.
Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia
Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia

The Beauty Connect Expo Cambodia 2023 will serve as a bridge connecting businesses within the industry in Cambodia with international businesses, fostering close ties and expanding the business market for these companies in the coming time.

In particular, with impressive exhibition booth design, the exhibition is an opportunity for businesses to create an impression and attract searching customers. Therefore, businesses should look for reputable and quality exhibition booth contractors on the market.

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