Design and construction of the impressive Vietnam Garden & Landscape Expo 2022

Vietnam Garden & Landscape Expo

VietnamGarden & LandscapeExhibition is an international event about Vietnam’s horticultural and landscape decoration technology 2022. This is considered an important event for landscape design units in the development of production techniques. So let’s learn more about the exhibition to get an impressive idea for Vietnam Garden & Landscape booth design.

Find out about Vietnam Garden & Landscape Expo 2022

The Exhibition of Gardening Technology & Landscape Decoration is an international event that receives the consensus of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development together with other industry associations. Is a place to connect, meet and together bring the best solutions for architects, landscape contractors, and interior designers in research, application of science and technology in production.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam Garden & Landscape Expo had to be postponed for up to 2 years. With this comeback, it promises to be the gathering place of leading experts in the field of bonsai, architecture, painting, etc. to combine to be able to create a classy living space to meet market demand. domestically and internationally.

Previously, at Garden & Landscape 2020, businesses have come together to introduce and promote new products, as a bridge to reach customers and expand the distribution system in the most effective way. In addition, the product of landscape architecture is the space outside the building to serve the increasing needs of people.

Therefore, the industry of landscape architecture, sculpture, and painting is increasingly attracting the attention of the whole society and attracting participating countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, etc. India, Japan, USA, Singapore.

Details of the exhibition

Time: Take place within 3 days from 07-09/12/2022

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)

Estimated scale: With the participation of more than 850 domestic and foreign business units, 900 booths participated in the exhibition with the attraction of 20,000 visitors. With the organization of Vinexad National Trade Fair & Advertising JSC, the event promises to bring many innovations and improvements in gardening technology.

Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

The categories on display

Landscape Design & Decoration:

  • Landscape design, garden miniatures
  • Installation equipment for landscape works including outdoor sports – entertainment equipment, outdoor BBQ equipment, etc.
  • Exterior items: swimming pools, aquariums, tables and chairs, benches, steps, statues, decorative lights, etc.
  • Construction materials for landscape – garden works: bricks, stones, decorative materials of all kinds such as wood, plastic, bamboo, bamboo, 

Outdoor Lighting Technology:

  • Landscape lighting system applied in different environments outdoors, grass fields, and underwater,…

Machinery – Garden Equipment & Supplies:

  • Design – construction and installation of greenhouses and greenhouses for high-tech agriculture
  • Water supply and drainage systems, irrigation in the field of horticulture
  • Garden tools: manual scissors, telescopic scissors, electric scissors, hedge trimmer, shovel, tool kit, hoe,…
  • Support machines: lawn mower, vacuum cleaner. vacuum, nebulizer, hole maker, seeding machine, edging – pruning,…

Flowers, Bonsai & Care Techniques:

  • Flowers, plants & bonsai art
  • A variety of flowers and ornamental plants
  • Decorative items & accessories for flowers
  • Fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, plant netting, plant nutrition,…
Thi công gian hàng triển lãm Hawa Expo
Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm – Exhibition booth design

Why businesses should join Vietnam garden & landscape expo

The world is changing according to this, everyday science is developing and upgrading more, and so is Gardening & Ornamental Technology. Vietnam Garden & Landscape Exhibition will be a good opportunity for businesses in the industry to exchange and learn from each other. Here, exhibitors will have the opportunity to introduce and display modern and innovative horticultural recipes to industry colleagues. The place to gather the big guys of Bonsai Design and Green Space. Promising to bring viewers impressive products from exhibition booth designs

Benefits of participating in Vietnam Garden & Landscape Expo 2022

– Be provided with in-depth useful knowledge on gardening technology & landscape decoration by leading experts in the field as well as from large domestic and foreign enterprises.

– Get advice and help to find solutions to your problems and new ideas in the field of horticulture & landscape decoration technology from leading domestic and foreign business units to help develop, Expand your business activities and drive sales for your company.

– Easily meet, exchange as well as establish relationships with exhibitors, and visitors, especially leading experts in the field of horticulture & landscape decoration technology from many countries. different countries.

– The best opportunity to quickly gather all industry news including trends, market information, business activities of competitors, … 

Design and construction of Vietnam Garden & Landscape Expo 2022

As a great opportunity after 2 years without the exhibition, this time will be a very good opportunity for businesses to exhibit their products, services and solutions. In addition, you also need to carefully prepare for the construction of Vietnam Garden & Landscape booth so that you can make a good impression on customers and partners.

If you are still wondering if you can’t find a unit to design Vietnam garden & Landscape expo 2022 booth, then Gia Long is the perfect choice for you. With more than 20 years of experience accompanying many large and small businesses at home and abroad.

Besides, Gia Long also gathers a large team of creative design staff and a team of professional and experienced construction staff that promise to bring you an extremely wonderful and satisfying experience. when deciding to choose this place. Quickly contact Gia Long Construction and Exhibition Company Limited with the information below for advice, ideas and construction of exhibition booth contractors as quickly as possible for the upcoming exhibition!

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