Vietbuild booth design key to attracting visitors

Bí quyết thiết kế gian hàng Vietbuild

To have a successful exhibition period, in addition to carefully preparing the products displayed and introduced to visitors. Businesses also need to pocket for themselves the keys to designing Vietbuild booths to attract visitors. Here are the secrets of designing booths Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh, Vietbuild Da Nang and Vietbuild Hanoi that businesses should not ignore.

Types of Vietbuild exhibition booths

Before learning the key to Vietbuild booth design, you need to understand the classification of exhibition booths. Depending on the needs and purposes of your business, you can choose one of the following two types of booths:

– Standard exhibition booth: A booth with dimensions of 3m X 3m X 2.5m (length x width x height). This is considered a standard-sized booth at trade fairs and exhibitions. The key to designing Vietbuild booth with standard size is low design and construction cost, suitable for all exhibitors. However, due to the simple design and low cost, the standard booths are often not prominent and attract many visitors to visit. If all the exhibitors choose standard sizes, it will become boring and unbranded. 

gian hàng tiêu chuẩn
Standard exhibition booth 3m X 3m

– Raw space exhibition booth: This is a type of booth with no size limit, carefully and carefully invested, spending a lot of money and effort to design and construct. Therefore, meeting all requirements of the company when participating in exhibitions to promote products and services to consumers. The booth is designed and constructed separately, so it can meet all requirements in terms of size, shape and color that businesses require.

Bí quyết thiết kế gian hàng Vietbuild- gian hàng tự thiết kế
Vietbuild booth design key to attracting visitors

The key to designing Vietbuild’s raw space booth lies in the construction of this type, which uses a variety of materials, so it is unique, aesthetic and highly impressive, attracting many visitors and increasing the number of visitors. opportunity to make an impression with potential customers and partners. This greatly contributes to the success of the enterprise’s product and brand promotion strategy to the consumer market. However, to ensure realism, businesses must submit the 3D design of the booth to the Organizer for approval before proceeding with construction.

Requirements to have a professional Vietbuild booth design

– Aesthetic requirements: The first secret of Vietbuild booth design must focus on aesthetics, design how to make the booth look outstanding and attract visitors right from the first meeting. This is the basic Vietbuild booth design key that you must not ignore because the first impression is the most important. Therefore, your business must appear very prominent and professional in the eyes of these new customers and partners.

Vietbuild booth design key to attracting visitors

– Brand requirements: The design and construction of exhibition booths also need to pay attention to all the factors to help visitors make an impression and identify the brand of their business in front of many people. Other businesses such as: typical colors, outstanding logos, business introduction signs… Vietbuild booth design key that businesses should learn by heart is no matter how much you want your booth to stand out in the next Vietbuild. must also be in sync with the brand color, logo, and message (key message).

– Functional requirements: No matter how beautiful, unique, or strange your exhibition booth is, it is also considered unsuccessful in design. The final Vietbuild booth design key is that your booth must be focused on the purpose of use, durable, and suitable for the purpose of use. Design a Vietbuild booth so that it can show typical messages and products to customers, whether in the near or far vision. Fulfilling the above requirements, businesses will easily see the effectiveness of fair booth design in promoting the company’s brand.

thiết kế 3d gian hàng triển lãm
Vietbuild booth design key to attracting visitors

Above are the keys of Vietbuild booth design that businesses should refer to gain more experience before starting to participate in Vietbuild exhibitions. Depending on each case and situation, there will be different Vietbuild booth design keys. However, the above are experiences accumulated by Gia Long after more than 20 years of operation in the field of design and construction of Vietbuild booths.

To achieve maximum efficiency when participating in Vietbuild exhibition, businesses need to find themselves a professional design and construction unit. Gia Long Construction & Exhibition Company Limited is confident to design and exhibition booth contractors package. Ensure the booth meets the standards with a team of staff closely monitoring through each stage. Will definitely give customers an extremely attractive and impressive Vietbuild booth.

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