The awards at the Solar Show resonate in the solar industry

Các giải thưởng tại Solar Show gây được nhiều tiếng vang trong ngành năng lượng mặt trời

Every year at the Solar Show, solar energy businesses bring the latest products to visitors and investors.The awards at the Solar Show also attracted attention as businesses competed to display their most advanced products.

The awards at Solar Show

Solar Show is the largest renewable energy exhibition in Vietnam. The event is a place to display and introduce the most advanced and modern technology products in the green and clean energy industry to investors, businesses as well as smart consumers. This is an opportunity to introduce new technologies in the solar energy manufacturing industry, and at the same time create a bridge connecting domestic and international businesses to take advantage of available resources from solar energy.

Vietnam is currently a country with many advantages because it is located in the lightest distribution band on the world solar radiation map. Therefore, our country possesses advantages in the renewable energy industry in general and solar energy in particular. It is the destination of foreign investment enterprises. Exhibitions on renewable energy such as Solar Show always attract the attention of the Government and domestic and foreign businesses. The awards at the Solar Show contribute to creating a lot of buzz for businesses in the field of renewable energy.

The awards at Solar Show are organized by Solar Future Awards – the world’s leading renewable energy media unit. With the goal of promoting the development of renewable energy and solar projects in Vietnam toward a sustainable future. Solar Show expands and connects international experts, thereby receiving technology transfer support and signing cooperation agreements with many foreign enterprises with high expertise.

The innovation and continuous growth of the renewable energy industry are both an opportunity and a challenge for Vietnamese businesses. Therefore, the awards at Solar Show are given to companies that have made a significant contribution to the success of Vietnam’s solar industry. The awards at Solar Show is a place to honor technological innovations and breakthrough solutions that contribute to promoting the development of the renewable energy industry in general and solar power projects in particular.

Các giải thưởng tại Solar Show
The awards at the Solar Show resonate in the solar industry

Here are the awards at the Solar Show in 2022 that attract the attention of solar industry professionals:

Solar Energy Industry Leadership Awards

The Solar Industry Excellence Leadership Award is the awards at the Solar Show for companies with outstanding performance compared to companies in the same industry. In the category of outstanding leadership in the solar energy industry, the award is divided into 4 sub-categories:

– Project sponsor of the year

– Investor project of the year

– Company of the year

– Project developer of the year

These are the 4 the awards at Solar Show honored in the category of Solar Energy Industry Leadership Awards.

Solar Energy Business Excellence Awards

This is the awards at Solar Show for businesses with excellent sales & market performance during the year. These companies have not only strongly developed their sales field but also understand very well how the Vietnamese renewable energy market works. It is also divided into 4 categories as follows:

– Excellent business company of the year.

– Company of the year in terms of operation and maintenance.

– Company of the year in terms of business awards.

– Company of the year for surveillance systems.

Innovation Excellence Awards

The Outstanding Innovation Award is considered the most interesting award at Solar Show. This is the awards at the Solar Show for innovative products, technologies & business models that drive green transformation. Every year, what attracts the most attention of manufacturing enterprises is the introduction of modern and advanced products, technologies and services. In the category of excellent creativity awards, the organizers divided into 3 categories:

– Sustainable innovation project of the year.

– A growing company with outstanding growth.

– New smart technology of the year.

Criteria for evaluating the awards at Solar Show

The evaluation criteria for the awards at Solar Show are based on the following scale:

– Technical and environmental benefits: 30%

– Level of technological innovation: 20%

– Economic benefits: 20%

– Safe for people and the environment: 15%

– Innovation efficiency: 10%

Based on these evaluation criteria, the scale of each item is calculated from 1 point to 5 points according to the expected levels:

– 5 points: More than expected

– 4 points: Meets expectations

– 3 points: Satisfactory basic

– 2 points: Not as expected

– 1 point: Not quite as expected.

In order to successfully participate in the Solar Show, businesses not only introduce to customers and partners modern products and technologies that meet the necessary needs of society but also need to pay attention to choose for themselves an booth design company with many years of experience. Gia Long is confident to be a professional Solar Show exhibition booth design and construction unit, with more than 20 years of experience. Guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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