Vifa Expo and the strong development of Vietnam furniture market in the future

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Vifa Expo is considered the oldest and most prestigious fair in Furniture and Handicraft sector in Vietnam. Here, you can admire the amazing sculptures of artisans as well as update trends in the Vietnam furniture sector in the near future.

General situation of the Vietnam furniture market

After more than 2 years of a terrible pandemic, not only Vietnam but the whole world’s economic situation has been halted. Small and medium enterprises have not been able to survive the epidemic, and the number of enterprises, jobs, and manufactured goods has all been drastically reduced. Facing that difficulty, many enterprises still select to maintain their activities and continue to develop.

Particularly for the woodworking and furniture sector, it still retains a certain position in the economy. As a country endowed by nature with a “golden forest, silver sea”, Vietnam is flexible and autonomous in finding the raw materials, machinery and abundant labor resources. As a result, Vietnam is one of the top countries with outstanding development in the furniture sector in the past 10 years.

According to the statistics from the Private Economic Development Research Board, Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of furniture in the world and the seventh-largest furniture producer in the world. Its domestic furniture market is also ranked in the top 3 sectors with high trade surplus value, solving the employment problem for more than half a million employees.

General situation of the Vietnam furniture market
General situation of the Vietnam furniture market

Along with those advantages, Vifa Expo and Vietnam’s furniture sector still have to cope with certain difficulties such as:

– Lack of production materials: Although Vietnam is a country with high furniture production in the world, the massive production in a short time has led to a shortage of raw materials. Currently, the amount of wood materials allowed to be harvested only accounts for 75% of the total production output. On average, Vietnam has to import an additional 8.4 million m3 of timber annually.

– Processing technology: It is still limited compared to other countries in the world. Most Vietnamese artisans made handmade sculptures, so the production quantity is limited, unable to meet the bulk purchase demand of foreign customers.

But anyway, Vifa Expo and furniture sector are still predicted by experts to grow strongly in the near future. The presence of the annual Vifa expo fair, which is held regularly twice a year, is clear proof of the flourishing development of Vietnam’s furniture sector.

Digital transformation in furniture sector

In the 4.0 Technology Era, all processes are always innovating and improving continuously, digital transformation is essential in all sectors. However, for the vifa expo and the furniture sector, there are still many limitations that are difficult to overcome such as: technology capacity, unprofessional partners, high competitiveness, high investment costs, and limited human resources.

Digital transformation in furniture sector  - Vifa Expo and furniture sector
Digital transformation in furniture sector – Vifa Expo and furniture sector

Therefore, there are 3 important goals that enterprises need to focus on when choosing digital transformation:

  • Optimize costs, increase revenue and customer experience
  • Develop a business brand with the public
  • Simplify management process, and improve management capacity

Conduct digital transformation of the furniture sector is not only an overnight thing but also depends on the needs of each enterprise, companies must synchronize their work processes so that it is easy to apply the software internally. Digital transformation is not a method for the success of an enterprise, but it is a way for enterprises to achieve the best efficiency in production, administration, and cost optimization.

Vifa Expo – Destination of furniture enterprises

Vifa Expo is not only a destination for experts and enterprises in the Furniture and Handicraft sector but also a suitable place for any customers and partners who are interested in the furniture market and have the need to update the latest trends today.

Here, enterprises both have the opportunity to display their products and reach a wide range of customers on the right topic, while also receiving free communication through the units and media partners of the producer and sponsoring units.  Improve brand awareness of new customer files.

Hội chợ Vifa Expo - điểm đến của doanh nghiệp ngành đồ gỗ
Hội chợ Vifa Expo – điểm đến của doanh nghiệp ngành đồ gỗ

Vifa expo is the ultimate platform for global suppliers and local manufacturers to exchange, trade and build long-term partnerships in the future. As a fair gathering of many big producers in the sector, the Vifa expo and furniture sector promise to be a destination for cooperation and trade in the domestic and foreign furniture sector.

Coming to the Vifa Expo and furniture fair, you need to make a good impression and attract customers through the unique design of pavilions at vifa expo. Therefore, the selection of a reputable stand booth design unit is essential.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of exhibition pavilion design and exhibition pavilion construction. GIA LONG is self-confident to be the most professional exhibition booth design company design and construction partner at this year’s vifa expo. We have a separate team in the construction of exhibition pavilions, who are well-trained in skills in each stage of implementation. We ensure to give you the most satisfying service experience.

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