Diversity industry displayed at Vietbuild over the years

Đa dạng các ngành hàng trưng bày tại Vietbuild

At Vietbuild exhibitions, the industry displayed at Vietbuild is very diverse and has many new products. Under the coordination between the Information Center – Ministry of Construction and VIETBUILD International Construction Exhibition Organization Group Corporation.

Industry displayed at Vietbuild are diverse and modern

As the leading specialized and prestigious exhibition event in Vietnam, Vietbuild takes place every year on a very large scale: Vietbuild HCMC, Vietbuild Da Nang, Vietbuild Hanoi. Through each exhibition organization, there are always more than 200 participating enterprises from many other countries in the region, the products displayed at Vietbuild are to introduce new product lines and other advanced technology systems in the construction industry. Coming to Vietbuild every year, there will be participation of businesses dealing in building materials, machinery and industrial equipment, in addition, there are companies in electrical equipment, doors and accessories, and enterprises in the industry of Interior and exterior decoration and architecture. Along with a series of other businesses in the related industry.

Industry displayed at Vietbuild

Industrial machinery and equipment will include a variety of products displayed at Vietbuild as follows: Iron and steel products, decorative paints, waterproofing materials and additives, ceiling panels, PVC walls, ceilings made from 3D aluminum, all kinds of soundproofing materials, decorative bricks, plastic corrugated iron products, paving stones, accompanying materials such as industrial glue, machines welding, CNC machines, machining machines and many other industrial machines. All is shown in detail through impressive fair booth designs

In the field of Electrical equipment, doors and door accessories, there will be products displayed at Vietbuild such as: aluminum door systems, PVC doors, wooden doors, fire-resistant doors, led lights, decorative lights, and a variety of smart device systems used in the interior of your home.

Interior and exterior decoration is an extremely diverse display industry at Vietbuild because there are many businesses displaying everyday household appliances used in the family. In addition, there are interior design and construction services, handicraft design or smart interior equipment.

Finally, the products on display at Vietbuild are energy products, appliances for home health, and many other smart products. Here, participating businesses not only stop at displaying and introducing new products to potential customers, but also participate in exchange programs, meeting with relevant departments, and many applications. Association in the region. The purpose of Vietbuild taking place is to bring opportunities for managers, investors, and Social organizations to visit and learn about breakthroughs and innovations in the housing technology industry, architecture, interior and exterior decoration.

In addition, Enterprises must also choose for themselves a reputable and professional Exhibition booth contractor to bring the best effect when participating in exhibitions.

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