Solar Show and renewable energy exhibition connect domestic and foreign businesses

Triển lãm Solar Show và năng lượng tái tạo kết nối các doanh nghiệp trong và ngoài nước

Solar Show and renewable energy are increasingly strongly connected to creating an ecosystem of clean, natural energy products that do not pollute the environment. Although Solar Show and renewable energy are not considered new technology, this phrase is still not very popular in Vietnam.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy also known in other words as clean energy, is energy generated from natural sources or processes. Nature is formed continuously, but from the human point of view, it is infinite. For example, sunlight, flowing water, wind, tides, rain, etc.

Advantages of renewable energy

  • The natural energy source has clean quality, and low pollution, so it is friendly to the environment.
  • Has the ability to recover so it does not run out.
  • Useful and highly applicable such as optimizing electricity costs for households, factories, businesses, …

Disadvantages of renewable energy

  • The initial investment is expensive due to the cost of building a system of advanced and modern equipment.
  • The stability is not high because it originates from nature and is affected by factors that affect performance.
Thị trường ngành năng lượng tái tạo tại Việt Nam
Renewable energy market in Vietnam

Today, renewable energy receives great attention and support from the Government as well as countries around the world. Using renewable energy offers benefits in reducing carbon emissions as well as other pollution. Although it is quite new and has not been widely popularized in the Vietnamese market, this is considered an energy source with positive changes in the future. Renewable energy is gradually replacing traditional fuel sources in 4 important areas such as: motor fuel, cooling, power generation and independent rural electricity system.

Using renewable energy helps to reduce the greenhouse effect. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Trade sets a target that by 2030, it will orient the development of renewable energy more strongly in Vietnam. Currently, many successful solar energy projects in the central and southern provinces have brought many obvious benefits such as: reducing monthly electricity bills, creating more jobs for workers, and increasing the value of agricultural production and tax for the local budget.

In addition, wind energy in Vietnam also has many development opportunities when owning a 3,200km long seaway with an annual East Sea wind speed of 6m/s. However, due to technical, financial and legal weaknesses, the development of wind energy is still quite slow.

Solar Show and renewable energy connect clean energy industry businesses

Solar Show is the largest renewable energy exhibition in Vietnam. The event is a place to display and introduce the most advanced and modern technology products in the green and clean energy industry to investors, businesses as well as smart consumers. Solar Show and renewable energy bring products, services and solutions to preserve and protect the common home of the whole world. Choosing to use renewable energy is directly contributing to the protection of mother nature. In the current state of alarming environmental pollution, natural disasters and floods, environmental protection are essential.

Solar Show and renewable energy are not considered new technology, but still not very popular in Vietnam. In fact, people have used renewable energy since ancient times through drying clothes (using the sun and wind), and sailing boats (using wind power). After many inventions were born, humans used alternative energy types faster and more efficiently. However, energy sources are cheap but extremely harmful and non-renewable such as gas and coal.

Solar Show and renewable energy are born to connect businesses in the clean energy industry. With the common goal of keeping the common house safe in the current pollution situation. The appearance of Solar Show and renewable energy has brought many positive signals in the transformation of Vietnam’s production with other countries in the world. The international event Solar Show and renewable energy attract many foreign investors and businesses to participate as exhibitors and visitors.

Solar Show và năng lượng tái tạo kết nối các doanh nghiệp ngành công nghiệp năng lượng sạch
Solar Show and renewable energy connect clean energy industry businesses

Innovation and improvement have made full use of solar, wind, water, heat, etc. energy in production and operation. Promises to bring a green and clean ecosystem to the environment. Solar Show and renewable energy are gradually expanding and reaching many participating businesses. Attract foreign investors to join and support Vietnam. Therefore, businesses should not miss participation in Solar Show 2023.

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