Top tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam 2023 – Most recent update

Experience the enticing flavors and aromatic delights of the tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam. Dive into a world of rich and diverse offerings, where industry professionals and enthusiasts gather to explore the latest trends and innovations. Immerse yourself in a dynamic marketplace, connecting with potential partners, networking with industry experts, and expanding your business horizons.

List of Upcoming tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam


Date: November 2, 2023, to November 4, 2023

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)

  • Exhibitors may display coffee makers, espresso machines, coffee grinders, brewing apparatus, and other related goods.
  • Coffee Accessories: Products in this category include milk frothers, coffee filters, coffee tampers, coffee cups, and other devices used in the coffee brewing process.
  • Coffee Packaging: Exhibitors at tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam may display a variety of bags, pouches, and containers that are appropriate for keeping the aroma and freshness of coffee. Additionally, machinery and equipment used in the operations of roasting and grinding coffee are included in this category
  • Coffee flavors and additions: Exhibitors may display coffee flavors and additives, such as syrups, tastes, sweeteners, and creamers, to improve the flavor and personalize coffee.
  • Services Relating to Coffee: The expo may also include businesses providing barista training, coffee consultancy, and

Vietnam International Coffee Show – Cafe Show Vietnam

Date: From 13 to 15 April 2023

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)
The exhibition, including Tea trade fairs in Vietnam, provides a venue for both local and foreign businesses to present their most recent innovations in a variety of industries, such as bakery, retail, coffee, raw materials, chocolates, food industry, food machinery, kitchen, tea, and food. Attendees of these tea trade fairs can anticipate learning about a variety of goods and services associated with these industries as well as the most recent developments, trends, and improvements in the cafe business.

Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival

Date: March 10, 2023 to March 14, 2023

Venue: Buon Ma Thuot

tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam also offer a platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the rich tea culture of the country. Similar to the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, these vibrant trade fairs bring tea growers, traders, and tea lovers from around the world to showcase the diverse flavors and high-quality teas of Vietnam. Attendees can enjoy activities such as tea exhibitions, competitions, cultural performances, and the opportunity to taste different varieties of exquisite Vietnamese tea.

Vietnam International Bakery Equipment Show 2023

Date: 21 – 25 Nov 2023

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC)

A wide variety of bakery-related items are displayed at the tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam 2023, including the Vietnam International Bakery Equipment Show (VIBS). Bakery equipment including mixers and ovens, baking components like flour and yeast, packaging options, and display tools can all be expected. 

Additionally, there are Coffee and Beverage Solutions, which include coffee makers, tea bags, syrups, and milk substitutes, as well as other coffee- and beverage-related supplies.

3 benefits that tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam bring to businesses

Networking and Business Opportunities

Tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam offer a valuable platform for businesses to network with industry professionals, suppliers, distributors, and potential partners. These gatherings draw a wide variety of attendees, fostering chances for partnerships, collaborations, and the growth of networks within the tea and coffee industries.

Benefits that tea & coffee trade shows in Vietnam bring to businesses
Benefits that tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam bring to businesses

Product Showcasing and Brand Awareness 

Businesses may present their goods, services, and brands to consumers and business professionals in the tea and coffee industries by taking part in tea coffee trade shows in Vietnam 2023. It offers a platform for building brand recognition, increasing product visibility, and reaching out prospective buyers. Trade exhibitions, specifically focused on tea and coffee, provide companies the chance to interact directly with clients and get their improve direct input, which helps them their product lines and marketing plans

Market Insights and Trends

Trade shows, such as Tea trade fairs in Vietnam, provide businesses with the opportunity to stay updated on the latest market trends, consumer preferences, and emerging technologies in the tea and coffee sector. Exhibitors can gain valuable insights into the market demand, competitive landscape, and innovative products or techniques that can help them stay ahead in the industry

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